Door to door again?

by Zeds Dead 36 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Overrated

    Either way I hope the door knocking has stopped. Just in case I got my " No JW's " signs for my door.

  • BluesBrother

    “One day” , yes I am sure they will. It is their raison de’tre and they will do it out of sheer cussedness to show they are not beaten. They will dust off the magazine carts as well and hit the High Street .

    It will start slowly with pilot schemes in non risk areas. The Org will make videos of ones saying how much 5hey have missed it and how glad they are to be back out there . In reality 90% of the publishers wlll groan and force themselves out .

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    In ‘85 when we started fs, they made a big deal about how the d2d proved JW to be the true religion because the annoyed householders getting mad at us proved we were being persecuted as only the true religion would be.

    What will JWs be told to do to draw persecution, in the absence of d2d, i wonder.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The question is can they.

    From what I hear there are a lot more people that show up for the so-called letter writing and telephone witnessing parties than Saturday morning field circus. You pretend to make a few calls and write a few letters you’ll never put in the mail, eat cake and drink coffee while talking loudly with your group. It’s basically the new book study and it is causing more cohesion to the organization as a result.

    They may have lucked themselves into the best situation to stop the bleed at least temporarily and become a more mainstream accepted religion, they’ve long been de-emphasizing the craziest parts (blood, 1914, Armageddon) and becoming a boring regular Christian religion.

    COVID gives them a good excuse to get rid of many of the extremist Rutherfordian and Franzian practices, including the vaccination policy they are promoting which now gives them a chance to pivot to a more mainstream view on abortion, blood and other medical practices. COVID vaccination production, had it happened ca 1980, if you read the blood brochure and other medical instructions until the early 2000s, would have been considered a violation of all sorts of biblical interpretations of theirs, I clearly remember the elders giving us a list of approved and non-approved vaccines because they used humane or animal blood or aborted fetus in their production, it even listed why we rejected a particular medicine, but the current COVID vaccines all did one or more of those things and they’re just ignoring that fact.

  • Biahi

    Overrated, I gave a co worker a ‘No visits by Jehovah’s Witnesses, please’ sign for her front door. A few months later, she showed me a note that was left by some witnesses. It read, and I quote “You people are going to DIE REAL SOON if you don’t change your ways.” This was in the 1980’s. My co worker passed away of a heart attack, but not Armageddon.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Biahi, today that kind of thing would get posted online and go viral.

    Can't you imagine the WTF moment they'd have at HQ over something like that!

  • Overrated

    Biahi- With their crazy letter writing I got some real threats if I don't become a JW.

    One letter I was sent I returned with a series of questions . Never heard back from them. I wonder why!?!

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    That is proof some people shouldn't be let out alone.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''One letter I was sent I returned with a series of questions . Never heard back from them. I wonder why!?! ''

    Because they don"t like or appreciate it when you ask questions exposing them. They shy away when confronted, or can't answer.

  • hybridous
    Because they don"t like or appreciate it when you ask questions exposing them. They shy away when confronted, or can't answer.

    Yes, of course this 'ministry' has always been geared towards those people who just need to be fed cheap and simplistic answers to life's hard questions.

    The world where info is hard to come by...we don't live there, anymore. All sorts of info (good & bad) is cheaply available, to answer ANY sort of need. Point is, there are even fewer folks out there, who are so destitute of thought & direction so as to make them likely targets of the JW 'ministry'.

    As has been parsed out before, the 'ministry' isn't really about making converts. It's about keeping the believers busy doing what the cult says to do. Given that, the 'ministry' could easily become focused on letter writing, or the like, and it would neatly serve it's purpose for the cult.

    It would give the Dubs their work/sacrament + association. It lets the elderly stay engaged. It lets folks dodge the awkwardness of cold-knocking on doors uninvited. Win-Win-Win.

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