Door to door again?

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  • Zeds Dead
    Zeds Dead

    Do you think the Jdubs will start up the door whacking again one day?

    There has to be many inside the org that are dreading having to do that again and as for the general public seeing this, it’s hard to imagine.

  • WTWizard

    Probably sooner than anyone expects. This current coronavirus strain is fast burning through its host, and will collapse abruptly when it runs out of people to make sick (?). Once that happens, we will see that re-opening of those abominations--door to door field circus and in-person boasting sessions resume. Of course, the rules will be that you must be fully vaccinated to participate (and if you are not, you get hounded until you get your torture shots), and masks are mandatory at all times during boasting sessions and field circus.

    And worse, they might even get enough of a break to pull another Israel mission off. As for me, I would rather deal with the coronavirus and refuse to get vaccinated--just one more reason why the Amazon "shot" is better. The Amazon "shot" will not be enough to get you headed to Israel when they are stupid enough to try that stunt again.

  • asp59

    Nope. They have already said this virus is something we have to live with rest of our lives. Its changing how people have contact and such. This would have happend with out convid. With all tech and internet, people were starting to have much less personal contact with others years ago. Going door to door was something that wasent working before convid. People usually don't like to be disturb at there home. Its just out dated in the modern live style. They wanna recibe information from the Internet. Society always moving foward with it's changes. The 70s or 80s are gone.

  • Listener

    I doubt it. At least, not for a long time. Even if they wanted to push the idea that JWs must return to door to door work the push back from the public could be tremendous.

    I would not like it if they were knocking on the doors of elderly people.

    We are going to have to show proof of vaccination here in Australia in order to enter into many establishments, including hospitals, old age homes, public gatherings and other places.

    Since their will be these restrictions in place, it doesn't seem right that you could have people entering people's private properties without their prior approval. If JWs started doing this, the issue would have to be legally addressed. This would bring unwarranted attention to them and I don't think they would want this negative publicity even though they fought for it in the courts years ago. Now they would be fighting public opinion. Are they willing to withstand this persecution, fighting the fine fight for the faith?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    But they are still stuck in a 50s or earlier mindset. I wonder if the Saturday ritual was ever more than busy work. I remember not one single person at home; best part was donuts or if lucky waiting in the car while a study was conducted because only two were allowed to go in.

    Remember Sunday meeting at 6? Go out in the morning and guilt those who missed church.

    I may have to burn my covid card

  • asp59

    Road to nowhere

    Back in the 90s when i was out preaching, i just gave people broschures out in the street. Understood that people were bussy and not happie when i knocked there door. The only listning were does lonly and in need to talk with someone. They were not really interested. Couldent understand why we still were going door to door. Atleast in Europe. Watchtower is a very very slow and sluggish org. After i seen jw Broadcasting and who the GB are, i understand why 😁. But they are not the amish. When society changes, org sooner of later does too.

  • FFGhost

    I think it will come back since they've gone to such great lengths to twist the scriptures to justify their practice of "door to door witnessing" but I predict it will be much less emphasized.

    I can even picture a world where "door to door" is mainly (only?) carried out in rural areas and/or primarily by pioneers.

    I can picture in urban, even suburban, environments, ubiquitous witnessing carts, manned in 2 or 3 hour shifts for 8 or even 12 hours a day, at highly visible areas - around bus stops, parking lots, park entrances, etc. Maybe even some places without all that much foot traffic, but where cars driving past would notice.

    Pretty much any congregation (except those way out in the boonies) could come up with 5 or 6 spots where such a cart might be located. Say 6 location, 4 shifts of 2 or 3 persons per cart per day, 7 days a week, would be more than enough to keep a congregation busy. Pioneers who want more time could still go door to door.

    It will be well past 2 years, probably approaching or even surpassing 3 years, of pandemic before "door to door" could even be considered. After so long not doing it, it would be very nearly impossible to get momentum for JWs to do it built up again.

    And JWs loved, loved, LOVED "metropolitan witnessing" (aka cart witnessing) before the pandemic. Easy time, no effort, no walking, frequent breaks, never have to talk to anyone if you don't want to, and you are publicly "virtue-signaling" your zeal for the ministry.

    Announcing arrangements as I just outlined would send JWs over the moon, delirious with joy.

  • hoser

    I think some might have issues being stuck in a car group with potential virus spreaders.

  • carla

    I would find it difficult to imagine them going d2d with covid still going on even with the vax. How many people wanted to open their doors to them in times past much less now with covid?

  • hybridous

    They'd better be careful.

    Implementing a return to D-2-D Witnessing might very well do more harm than good.

    Seeing how many JWs are very comfortable with the suspension of D-2-D ministry and lack zealous enthusiasm for resuming...that might be a dangerous morale killer.

    The GB ought to be reluctant in serving up a real-time candid snapshot of JW fatigue.

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