Door to door again?

by Zeds Dead 36 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • mikeflood
    Maybe the thing that they said: "a decision not so good for a human standpoint," is 'as Noah's Ark door was closed' preaching as it was is over....and keep just a couple massive campings a year instead
  • Quintus

    Why, are you scared of answering the door?

  • carla

    "Why, are you scared of answering the door?"- Some people don't like pedophile protectors at their door especially if they have children. I don't answer my door to other salesmen why should I to someone selling a cult door to door?

    If a jw was honest at the door they would say the following- would you like to join our organization that many consider a cult? you will be required to bring in as many people as you can and if they should ever choose to believe differently then you will be required to shun them even if it is your parents, children siblings, etc... if you don't then you will be considered spiritually weak and fellow jw's will probably shun you. We are not big on natural affections. Ignore any scriptures that clearly do not agree with us especially those about love in general and loving your neighbor, they are dead meat anyway at the big A. You will be required to dress as we see fit (subject to change), follow all doctrines (also subject to change at the whim of a few nutcases in NY) follow our bedroom rules with your spouse, feel superior to all other human beings at all times and at the same time feel like shit because you can never do enough for the org, turn in your time slip on a regular basis, attend all meetings, conventions, etc... never do any sort of research on your own, protect the organization even if means covering up for child abusers and lie on the stand if necessary, lie to those you love because we call it 'theocratic warfare', limit your free time and associations from non jw's, give up all holidays and family get togethers even though we still do Thanksgiving and other holidays but we distinctly tell everybody that we don't do holidays and lest I forget, be ready to kill your own children for lack of blood. How about it? ready to join?

  • LongHairGal


    Very good post! All these things are true and I’d swear it.

    I would have also added: “Be prepared to be scrutinized like you are under a microscope and gossiped about and trashed from time to time by your ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. Also, give up college/career (especially if you are a young woman). We want servile women around doing favors for Users with cushy lives. So what if you are gullible and end up destitute in old age? You can join the ranks of the other needy in our group with their hands out..We are not accountable if you follow the rules. Those are the breaks. Maybe Armageddon will come in time to save you.”

    Can you imagine them laying THESE cards on the table?? Nobody would join. Ever.

  • carla

    Yes! I forgot to mention the treatment of women and higher education!

  • just fine
    just fine

    I hope not. My parents, in their seventies, were put in a downtown city location with a cart, in freezing weather, back before the pandemic. It was not a safe location and freezing weather - ridiculous.

  • Overrated

    No wonder when I was younger and Pioneering ( forced to do it) because of parents. That I never brought anyone into the truth. I was too honest., I talked any interest not too do it. One study I had was a lunch/ drinking buddy.

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