How to argue with a JW who says the org never said the end in 75

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  • Wild_Thing

    My advice for anyone planning to argue with JWs about 1975 ...


  • jwleaks

    Reverse psychology

    SAY TO A JW: Adam was created in 4026 BCE. If we count forward 6000 years, recognizing there is no Zero Year, this brings us to 1975 CE. How come Jehovah's Witnesses didn't mark this year at all?

  • snugglebunny

    I left before 1975 arrived. I suddenly became aware that as most JW prophesies were based loosely on the ramblings of old men succumbing to the delights of magic mushrooms that this was no time to be toying with what remained of my youth.

  • Gargamel

    They said it.

    I was there, though I left in '73.

  • Finkelstein

    The false teachings/dating 1874, 1914 ,1925, 1975 of the WTS, actually came out to be the successful doctrines toward the proliferation of the WTS's own literature.

    Sure they were against the direct teaching of how Jesus instructed to preach the Gospel and his new world order but then again the WTS insists people should not read the bible on its own without " Their " expressive interpretation.

    So one should buy " their " bibles and then buy one of " their " Aid to Understand books to get the correct interpretation of the bible.

    Apparently no one else in the world does it correctly with pure honesty and integrity.

  • wannaexit
    I lived it --I was there!!
  • mrquik

    I lived it. Got married during the scare of 75. Wasn't in love but didn't want to die. Paid for that mistake for the next 34 years. It wasn't fair to the ex-wife & it wasn't fair to me. But I did survive. Got out of the marriage & remarried the love of my life. Have been married now for 7 years. The ex-wife stayed in the cult only to die of a drug overdose. So much of being one of the "Happiest People On Earth....."

  • zeb

    there is a video clip available with poor sound quality but clear enough where some gb member is saying at a conv in the US "Stay alive 'til '75'.

    Check on the age of these ones first. If they were little ones at the time they would not have a clue about what was actually said.

  • Fisherman

    WT never said outright that "the end" would come in 1975 but the literature and thinking circa 1975 implied that if it did it, the event would converge with Bible chronology; but the wt also concurrently published in the ASI book that the time of creation of Eve and the end of 6th Creative day was an unknown variable that was a factor affecting any conclusions about 1975. The wt has not backed away from 1975 as the 6000th year from the creation of Adam; wt still stands on the date, and if the 7th creative day is 7000 years in length, it would fit if the Millennium would start 6000 years after the end of the 6th creative day -so that 6000 years of evil + 1000 years of restoration and killing death ("death where is thy sting?") God can finally proclaim the 7th day as GOOD, same as he did with all the other creative days. It fits nicely IF wt chronology is correct. According to Genesis we are still living in the 7th day of Creation (7th day is God's rest day.) 6000 years + 1000 years= 7000 years= 7th Creative day= God's day of rest.

    -But wt never outright proclaimed that 1975 would in fact be the end. I never recall that.

  • freddo


    Were you a JW in 1975? How old were you in 1975? Approximately ...

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