Why the Deficit at the Circuit Assembly?

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  • talesin

    JT-LadyC , I just realized, Lady Cee, that I watched some of your vids on youtube on the same channel, *just yesterday*. They are great, and I wondered if JT is the one I was privileged to see here, years ago. Coolest car EVER, for an avatar, and his words were wise. No matter. : )

    All the best to you, Lady. You are a true role model. Intelligence & class is a winning combination.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I have observed JWs talking over the last couple of years or so about deficits being announced at A$$emblies. They mentioned that there were always surpluses, but that's a thing of the past now. Quite concerned tones. Worried.
  • talesin

    I remember not long ago, one of the ex- or serving elders on the DB, said that they *always* announce a deficit on Sunday, because many of the R&F wait to give their contribution as they are leaving. This is not meant to take away from the huge import of the OP. It just emphasizes how cleverly they manipulate their charges.

    To the OP, thank you for sharing this, very enlightening. I feel at once, angry, sad, and a bit queasy.

    "The Truth (tm)"

  • ssn587
    I had asked that very question about the eternal defecit from an elder at those meetings. He tried to say it wasnt my concern and I told him yes it is I want to make sure the money donated (actually by my wife) was going to care of the hall and why are they donating money to the society without covering expenses first? Then I said anyone donating money prior to paying the bills is an idiot himself included. Of course later, several weeks later, was invited to the back room told them I have nothing to say to any of them. He or they didnt like it but they never followed up.
  • stillin

    It's always one of the announcements right before lunch on the last day of the assembly. "We have a problem, brothers and sisters. We haven't met our obligations to Jehovah God Homself. He needs our money."

    Out come the checkbooks

  • OrphanCrow

    Sometimes, the costs have already been covered by city and government grants that the WTS has received before the assembly has even started.


    3. For decades, each and every year, the WATCHTOWER SOCIETY has held as many as 400 "District Conventions" (recently renamed "Regional Conventions") across the United States. Unknown to rank-and-file Jehovah's Witnesses is the FACT that the WATCHTOWER SOCIETY has long solicited FINANCIAL SPONSORSHIP of not only these 400 District/Regional Conventions, but also the thousands of smaller Circuit Assemblies, from the local City and County GOVERNMENTS, and their affiliated agencies, which host such conventions.

    The WATCHTOWER SOCIETY has collected what has probably amounted to TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS over the decades. For example, just from 2007 through 2015, the CITY OF RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA and two affiliated governmental agencies have given the WATCHTOWER SOCIETY more than $2,000,000.00 in exchange for the WATCHTOWER SOCIETY agreeing to hold only two of the 400 annual "District Conventions" in Raleigh.

    Jehovah's Witnesses attending District Conventions and Circuit Assemblies are/were never told of the GOVERNMENT SPONSORSHIP, much less the amount of the financial subsidies. Instead, Convention and Assembly attendees are told that the expenses of the Convention or Assembly must be met solely from their own voluntary contributions.

    During the 1980s and 1990s, every January, the WatchTower Society even required "District Convention" attendees to purchase "parking passes" for the upcoming summer conventions. The THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from the advance sale of those "parking passes" alone oftentimes was triple or quadruple what the WatchTower Society had paid for the rental of the convention venue.

    Despite the fact that the WatchTower Society had already made a HUGE PROFIT before Convention attendees even arrived onsite, the "Accounts Reports" read repeatedly during the Conventions and Assemblies almost always reported a large "deficit" -- prompting an admonition that attendees needed to up their donations to cover Convention/Assembly expenses.

  • chester
  • JWdaughter

    there are two assembly days coming up in Carthage, Texas (today and tomorrow, I think). It costs $600 to rent the hall and center. It can cost about $1000 if the venue sets up lights. We know that beyond that, they have the manpower and skills to take care of the rest of it. So, over about 2000 for 2 different assemblies which will likely cost each group (probably 1000 or so?) 12,000 (isn't it about $12 a day now?).

    Yeah, they aren't doing this for the money.

  • JT-LadyC

    Hey, just checking in to say hello and hope all is well. Many thanks everyone for the kind remarks and a special thanks to talesin, I appreciate the feedback! In the age of all of this technology, it's amazing how many outlets we have to spread the word about the organization and I'm having an awful time keeping up with all of this. Despite being an instructor, teaching others how to use this vast knowledge, I'm getting a bit rusty! I guess it comes with getting older! LOL Ta Ta for now, more vids on the way!!! ~Lady Cee

  • Wonderment

    There are two certain things in life: death and taxes.

    That's not right! Let me correct that: There are THREE certain things in life:

    Death, taxes, and now, deficits in JW circuit assemblies.

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