Why the Deficit at the Circuit Assembly?

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  • JT-LadyC

    Have you ever wondered why there is always a deficit at the circuit assembly? Did you realize that before the program begins, the circuit is already in the RED?

    Many of the friends thought they were paying for the use of the building and covering the costs of the utilities, etc. But, have you ever thought about what happens after the assembly hall is paid for? How come we are still paying the same amount of money to use the building after the mortgage is paid off?

    Things that make you go immmmmm!!!!

    Take a listen to the amazing story about the circumstances surrounding this money deficit.


  • joe134cd
    Already seen it. Very informative and well presented.
  • JT-LadyC
    Many thanks! Yes, it has been making its way around the net!
  • Lostandfound

    I almost got DFed over this more than 20 years ago, Before assembly elders in circuit were asked to approve a donation to WT of. £xxx aware that this would exceed funds available so involve a "tax" per publisher sent to each congregation so deficit. Would be cleared and leave a surplus .

    This about time when elders also became Trustees as each congregation registered as a charity. I pointed out to CO before the meeting that we were voting as trustees as it involved cong money and therefore had no right to spend what we did not have. I had asked for guidance from Charity Commission on this and their guidance was that all individual trustees personally responsible for any overspend and that they should be aware that they could personally have to repay the amount that they had illegally approved. At mtg CO told elders all resolutions had been approved by branch, no mention of my reservations. When vote came I insisted on a "no" vote which never had happened and personally asked my name as a dissenter be in the minutes. No more assembly items for me! People moved aside as I walked around after mtg. CO was previously cook in mill hill, cannot recall his name but a clear zombie obeying any orders.

    Nuremberg defence for everything, I was only carrying out orders. Would have made good officers in the third reach, people like that

  • ToesUp

    "a clear zombie obeying any orders."

    There ya go! That's what it all boils down to. You are not a company man. That's a good thing! If you don't agree, you MUST go! That's a good thing too!

    The only satisfaction we have is that NO money is coming from us anymore.


  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has always been deceiving when it comes to its finances.

    Look at what the GB leaders said just recently pleading for money when the WTS has never been richer and is going to be a billion dollar richer even this year upon its sale of its Brooklyn properties.

    Or asking children to give up their candy money to instead give it to the organization.

    The WTS has been a commercialized fraud embedded in a religious organization.

    Since the WTS has said Jehovah exclusively supports their organization, they've made God a complicit fraudster as well .


    Why the Deficit at the Circuit Assembly?

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  • Crazyguy
    Come on guys cut the GB a break, only Jackson has a I phone gold watch the others are sporting old Rolexes and need to upgrade.
  • Finkelstein

    While the mics were tuned off Anthony Morris murmured ..... " I cant believe people are this gullible and naive "

    We tell a bunch lies and Bullshit to people and they throw money at us like its going to save their life or make the almighty one a happy camper. I get to travel all around the world and get treated as a celebrity with people kissing my ass because they think I'm the holy powerful one himself. ha ha

    .........Dam I do love Jehovah for what he has provided, thank you and Amen

  • tornapart
    This is awesome! As someone who still has family in and an elder hubby, things like this are excellent for trying to open their eyes. Thanks JT and Lady C for all your hard work and for the non-sensational and reasonable way you present everything. And JT.. even dressing like a JW is going to make those questioning things stop and listen to what you have to say!

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