Keep the meeting going! (even if somebody's dying)

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  • EverApostate

    Sad event indeed. Its not only the WT to blame for these inhumane acts. When similar situations came up, I have seen elders continue with their meeting. They then justify this based on this supposed event from the Bible.

    Luke 9:60
    59 Then He said to another man, “Follow Me.” The man replied, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.”
    60 But Jesus told him, “Let the dead bury their own dead. You, however, go and proclaim the kingdom of God.
  • blondie

    A sister's non-jw husband was visiting the Sunday meeting. He dropped over having a heart attack. I started CPR and another jw called 911. The ambulance was there in just a couple of minutes and took over from me (required CPR training at work). After the sister and the husband left with the ambulance, a brother came over and said I should have taken this man back to the second school...I looked at him and said, I'll remember that when you have a heart attack at the KH.

    Later, I grabbed the PO (now COBOE) and told him that if I had done that I would l have been disobeying my CPR training and putting this man at risk of dying. I "suggested" that in the next elder's meeting he should go over how situations like this should be handled, identify people in the congregation with CPR training, and fill in the elders and other so-called responsible brothers that this counsel to me was totally uncalled for. The PO did that after seeing that I was the only one who immediately knew what to do (and saved this man's life).

    It reminded me of the bible story about Jesus healing a man on the sabbath, and the religious leaders telling him he had sinned by healing on the sabbath. Jesus was said to say, that they would get a sheep out of ditch on the sabbath, how much more was a man worth than a sheep. jws are so focused on rules that they miss the point of helping people live.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    If you need help at the assembly do not call 911, let them decide. Announced every intermission. The one time when I, as an attendant, did need medical intervention it took 10 minutes for someone to show. At least it was not life and death in that case

    The same attitude on crying babies, special needs. I am sure there would not be even one handicap parking spot or wheelchair blank seat position without the laws. Forget bringing a real service dog. They announce it

  • blondie

    I ignored that advice especially if I were the family member/friend assigned to help (call 911) that person with any medical emergencies. No one will ever make that decision for me.

    I would point out to the brothers in charge that they were placing themselves in a deeply responsible position that they did not have legally.

    I have never heard anything like that announced at the big venues I attend for music events.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Adding to Blondie's story, I was an attendant at a Circuit Assembly and this lady was having an episode of some kind in the hallway, so I took her to First Aid which was "manned" by a professionally trained nurse who was a "sister."

    She determined that the lady needed an ambulance. But some attendant brother-in-charge wanted to get the brother-in-charge of First Aid to make that call. The nurse stated he was not a medical person and had no idea where he was sitting. I told the attendant brother-in-charge that I would call 911 on my cell phone right now if he didn't let the nurse do it right now. He backed off.

    Waiting for the ambulance, I determined that the lady was a "study" of a couple here and came with them. I asked where the couple was sitting and got a general area. I said I would find them and get them. Now the attendant brother-in-charge told me not to disturb the meeting. Without saying "Fu*& off!" I told him I would find these people and offer minimal disturbance. So I did, and it was minimal.

    The show must go on. The head penis-holders want to feel special. It's ridiculous.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Actually at many venues the security, attendants are better, and the audience is often more caring. At times the band, speaker or whomever will stop the show, and then offer appropriate comments when things are handled. Then we get the appreciative applause from the attendees

  • zeb

    I saw a brother collapse to the floor. He was suffering from a condition which left his limbs twisted and speech distorted. Everyone just stood there and stared. I attended to him and his father came over and started telling him forcefully to get up.

    An elderly sister got herself in a muddle with hand bag and all trying to get out of a car other other sisters ganged up to keep me away (I have nursing training)and just kept saying to her "you can do it' causing the older one even more distress.I left the experts to it.

    and, I have never met a jw who has ever done a first aid course.

  • zeb


    They are the norm.

    Jw are so conditioned to not do or to only do what they have been told that anything happening outside of that and they are stuffed.

    The world is as useless but the world doesnt tell you how loving they are.

  • dubstepped

    As a kid I watched a brother have a heart attack in his seat and he was moved to the back out of the way so the show could go on. My mom would rock and be catatonic with some sort of severe mental illness for a while but she was there, because the show must go on, even though elders would rush back many times when she wasn't in the auditorium. We kids were clueless and concerned, but the show went on. I've been at meetings where power went out and the show goes on as we huddled around lights. I've been at meetings in tornado warnings, the show goes on. I've seen elderly people out in ice storms going to the KH because, of course, the show must go on. My dad went out in service with bad neuropathy and blind in one eye because the show must go on, despite falling off people's porches. He gave public talks, not all of which he made it through, because the show must go on. Not much stops the show. It's all about the show and for show.

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