Keep the meeting going! (even if somebody's dying)

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    My husband had his first major heart attack at the meeting and nothing! In all honesty it was his fault as he had told someone he was not feeling well and that elder said conducting the school made him uncomfortable, so unknown to me my husband conducted the school while having really bad chest pains it was only after the meeting that he told me and another elder, which this elder even though he is the major one on the HLC committee let me drive him alone to the hospital and no one expect this stupid elder came up to the hospital.

    Oh you will know them by their love. Yep


  • blondie

    LITS, why didn't you call an ambulance? I have a friend who is an EMT and she said that the ambulance can start treating the person right away having meds, equipment and a direct contact with the hospital and doctors.

    At work we are told to call an ambulance right away after the receptionist let an employee drive a co-worker to the hospital and they died on the concerns not concern about the person though. So stupid is not confined to jws.

    That is why we finally had training at work how to handle things at work and have people assigned to be in charge of the process. A list of 20 people who had to tell the receptionist whether they were in each day and the ones in had to be available on their cellphone (have it with them at all times)

  • Tenacious

    @startingover - The guy was caught a few streets down still carrying the knife and still pissed. I later on heard he got 25 to life. He may already be out or probably dead but I believe I heard mom say he would beat the sister and tried to keep her from attending. You would think the idiot brothers would tell her to cooperate with him but instead probably pushed her to fight him in order to attend. Boy oh boy.

  • sparky1

    Jehovah's chariot is on the move.................Who's next?

  • OrphanCrow
    Tenacious: I believe I heard mom say he would beat the sister and tried to keep her from attending. You would think the idiot brothers would tell her to cooperate with him but instead probably pushed her to fight him in order to attend. Boy oh boy.

    Boy oh boy is right

    You would think the idiot brothers would have known that telling a woman to cooperate with an man who beats her is a stupid thing to say

    The woman needed, first of all, the police, and then domestic violence counselling and a safe place to get away from him. No woman should be told to cooperate as a way of solving family violence issues

  • startingover

    My friends and I take week long trips in Baja on our dirt bikes. We ride hard and fast over difficult terrain, and hurting ourselves isn't out of the question. An expert rider in another group doing what we do crashed and died on the first day. After the situation was dealt with, they continued on with the trip as planned, as each of them felt that if they were the one who died, they surely wouldn't want that to ruin the trip for everyone else. I feel that way as well.

    I think JW's feel the same way. In the event that I witnessed, I think making people get up and leave would have been more disrespectful than staying. They are a big family after all, and I think leaving would have been akin to seeing your brother have an attack and then getting up and leaving. Even if asked to do so I doubt any of us would. I think I felt like it was supporting the family by being there with them, even by sitting there observing.

    I would say that the JW's in the audience felt like the riders felt in Baja. They feel this is an important event and if they were the ones having the attack would probably insist if they could that the show go on for the benefit of their friends.

  • TimeBandit

    Apples and oranges in my opinion Startingover. Continuing a meeting when somebody dies or has a severe health problem , or even gets slashed with a knife like in Tenacious's experience is totally disrespectful to the person/family. Your comments are insensitive. Human decency ought to take over and outweigh the cult mentality when these things occur. Looks like you are just trying to start trouble here pal.

    A sporting event is completely different, and yes, I would expect that something like you describe would happen with the motorcycle thing. But in a Kingdom hall, or an assembly hall, hell no....

  • Simon

    I agree - it's simply impractical to cancel a huge arena event in the case of a medical emergency (and more people makes it more likely). But when it's a small religious group, supposedly who care for each other, you expect a bit more consideration ... not stepping over a body to pass the mic to someone which is what it sometimes feels like.

    There is zero cost to a meeting not continuing, absolutely nothing lost at all. It's all been heard before and will all be heard again. They should show respect and give the people dealing with the emergency space to work and concentrate without feeling like they are in some weird parallel universe and the person having the emergency would probably feel less stress without everyone giving sideway glances as if to say "how dare you disrupt the meeting!!! That's what we expect of those Apostates ..."

  • Bonsai

    Such a sad story, but to them it is a dream come true. I remember fantasizing that if I died, I wanted to die in the KH or while out in service. What better way to assure that you get a pet panda in paradise!

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    Yes that would have been the smart thing for me to do and I get that I was just as stupid as the elder was but I was in total shock. It was the first that I had heard he was even having chest pains. All I could think of was to get to the hospital as fast as I could, I know, I know, I know I was STUPID and I totally own that part. But I was in total shock it was my husband, and all I could think of was that he was dying in front of me. I was not at all thinking clearly that was sort of why I was upset that the elder did not offer any help to me in the least.

    I know that is asking too much, I get it especially asking for support from the friends, what in the world was I thinking that there might be any love?


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