Keep the meeting going! (even if somebody's dying)

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  • wannaexit

    The show must go on folks. So sad that life is so meaningless and and the damn meetings take precedence over something like that.

    It's not the first time I've heard of something thing like that. I actually experienced it myself. During a public talk a sister got up and fell head long on the isle floor.

    The jerk giving the talk just continued right on as the attendants tried t scoop her up and bring her to the back.

    Thanks for sharing Henrietta's story.

  • rebelfighter


    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.

    Slidin Fast

    He continued and it was his "WIFE".

    OK, I was never a JW, besides all the threads on child abuse, wife abuse and shunning this has got to be about the most heartless thread, I have read.

    No wonder the "Elder" continually told me over 5 years that I had the most caring sensitive and forgiving heart he had ever met. After reading some of these stories I am beginning to think these people do not even have hearts.

    His WIFE really, someone should have gotten up there and smacked some sense into him. Was he not married in the name of God/Jehovah in sickness and health is he not to be by her side?

    Are JW just stupid robots?

  • Gargamel

    I'm amazed they didn't disfellowship the poor woman for being disruptive.

    Ted is an arsehole.

  • rebelfighter


    You and I were typing at the same time. Never a JW, so these people call each other Brother/Sister but if they fall over sick in a meeting no one really notices? A couple of attendance will get them to the back of the Hall all others just carries on.

    You know when the "Elder" kept telling me the way I read the Bible the organization you belong to falls under the Babylon blah blah I sure wish he would talk to me today, he most certainly would get the lecture of a lifetime. Because if this would occur in our Lodge room during a meeting, the meeting would be stopped our sister or brother would be tended to and NOT until 911 has left the premises would our meeting resume. This is ludicrous! ! They show NO compassion whatsoever for their fellow brothers and sisters NO wonder they can automatically SHUN people at the drop of the hat because they don't give a cxxp for the person sitting right next to them. Did I read or hear this was a loving organization BULL!!

    Sorry rant over.

  • stuckinarut2


    ONLY in the insular, self-righteous world of witnessdom would such stupidity occur where the "show must go on"


    I have been at a convention as an attendant where someone died and we had to quietly allow the paramedics in...without letting anyone know so they "would not be distracted and miss out on the program"!

  • rebelfighter


    Yes, this is sickening, we have even stopped our annual meeting to allow paramedics in to take care of one our "Sisters" or "Brothers" we actually LOVE each one of them and honestly are concerned for their wellbeing. The meeting CAN wait!! What pray tell is that important over the well being of a LOVED sister or brother?

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    "Let all things take place decently and by arrangement." 😲

  • jwfacts

    The same happened in Hobart congregation in the 1980s. Br Peterson was giving the public talk and had a heart attack. He got taken to hospital and another elder took over using his notes.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    At my hall a sister had a mild stroke (thankfully she recovered) that caused her to go unconscious. Her child was sitting right by her looking around for someone. She was sitting up front in full view, and no person with common sense would think she was taking a nap. There were a lot of whispers and pointing in the audience, but it took at least 15 minutes for someone (an attendant) to go check on her, and longer for the .eeti g to be stopped. When it did stop, there was an air of excitement in the air 😡 and the presiding overseer you could tell was really getting off as he called emergency services, telling them his congregational position (as if that meant something to them). Probably thought it was a good opportunity for a witness.

  • Gayle

    Oh my! I knew Henni & Max. What a surprise to read this, this morning!! We were in the same congregation, a Milpitas, CA cong in mid '60s. She was newly baptized and Max got baptized soon after. They had that "new zeal" for sure! I was reg. pio. (the only one back then in that cong.) and Henni went with me in service a lot.

    In Indonesia, during WWII, Henni and her two sisters had to go to a camp being half "Dutch." Their Indonesian mother didn't have to go but went to protect her daughters. Her mother made Henni and her sisters to look as ugly as possible for fear of any Japanese soldiers. Henni said her mother was always warning her to not look at the Japanese soldiers in the eye - as Henni, with a smile, was definitely not the type to be 'submissive.'

    One day, while driving, Henni and I were talking about things of pagan origin, and I mentioned that even wedding rings were of pagan origin. Suddenly, Henni took off her wedding ring and threw it out the window. I was shocked and told her all JWs wear wedding rings. She wouldn't let me go back to try to find it. Fortunately, Max loved his wife immensely! Clearly, they were one of the most bonded couples I have ever known.

    In '67, I moved to where the need was greater in northern CA. Soon after that the Venemas moved to Ecuador to serve there. In the early '70s , an American missionary girl from Ecuador came to Bethel for a brief while (in between assignments) and expressed that the Venemas were successful with the Ecuadoran people as they blended and helped many with the "truth." She said they were more successful than missionaries. Later, they had to moved back to CA as Henni got an amoeba, and very, very sick.

    I lost track about them as the rest of family moved out of state. I expect they had heard we all left the org. My brother got word from some of his friends, who left JWdom also, that many were shocked that we (all 5 kids) left.

    I want to say, Venemas were outstandingly loving and generous people, a whole hearted kind of people.

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