Madonna is a dumb ass.

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  • DIM

    There are musicians of course who are at the cutting edge, Joni Mitchell for example. Pianists JohnTaylor and Lyle Mays spring to mind, and in the younger genre, John Mayer. These are people who cut edges again and again, but they are of course serious performers and can read music.

    Honestly, is this some sort of joke? John Mayer? You mean the guy who sounds like every Jeff Buckley wannabee? I'm sorry, I'm an avid music fan, mostly underground music (The Chameleons, Associates, Babybird, Strangelove) and if you don't "get" Madonna, thats fine, but don't insult my musical taste. If you really want to hear cutting edge music, I advise you to pick up Babybird - The Original Lo Fi boxset right away or anything by the Chameleons or Super Furry Animals. Madonna is nothing compared to ALOT of bands, but for her, I think she's really pushing herself.

  • hillary_step


    I apologise for my agressive stance on music, especially bad music, totally unreasonable to be sure! It is one of my many failings.

    As to John Mayer well, as I met him recently and he liked who I liked, perhaps I am a little predjudiced. I am particularly interested in 'cutting edge' guitar tunings and the 'sheet of sound' school. John Mayer is one very fine guitarist and an excellent lyricist who in my estimation will be doing some very intersting things in the years ahead. I knew Jeff Buckley's dad incidentally, he was the reality behind the shadow. I did not insult your musical tastes as Madonna is not a musician, she is a dumb ass ( just ask Lisa ). Perhaps I insulted your the concept of what you view as music.

    Madonna is nothing compared to ALOT of bands, but for her, I think she's really pushing herself.

    Your comments above seem to indicate that you are rather confused about the definition of 'cutting edge'. The music scene is not new to me, I have been involved in it since '69 and I have little doubt that at some time you have tapped your tootsies to rythms that I have played a part in. I have seen bands come and go and young musicians ride the rocking horse of youth for a few years, most of them falter because they are more dedicated to themselves than they are to music.. It is what is left in thirty years time that really counts. A serious musician views his work as an artist does an artist does not paint to entertain others, he paints because he is art. Click on some of the links that I noted above and you will read about musicians who have been at the cutting edge of music for longer than many on this board have lived and are still as creative today as they ever were except for Laura of course who died some while ago. Check out her lyrics for 'Mother Spiritual' which now reside in the Chicago Peace Museum.

    Here is a link to some music I would present to you, it is the guitarist that I especially wish you to listen to. Play it loud.

    Lemmeno your thoughts - HS

  • Yerusalyim

    Madonna is indeed a dumb ass, and she needs her bum spanked good and hard. I'LL DO IT! I'd wear a rubber, but I'd do it.

  • LDH


    We are treading on dangerous ground here....people who do not know Joni Mitchell's music (though it's been sampled for decades)...and people who believe Madonna is "cutting edge"...LOL. We'd better be careful.

    Speaking of great guitarists, how about Mark King of Level 42, or Hiram Bullock? Or how about Marcus Miller? He is a real musician.

    or how about

    Now THOSE are real musicians.


    I paved paradise, and put up a parking lot Class

  • hillary_step

    Thanks Lisa - cannot disagree, great guitarists - HS

  • LDH

    Of course, HS, most people do not recognize the names I posted.

    I believe that clicking on the links and then "discography" would enlighten the general public as to what type of musician we consider real talent, and why Madonna is a Dumb Ass.

    Hiram's site actually has sound bites.

    It never fails to amuse me when Rap and Pop artists sample from artists such as George Clinton or The Elements (Earth, Wind and Fire), and the kids today don't know diddly squat about the original artists.

    "Cutting edge" is Run DMC with Aerosmith..."Walk This Way."

    "Cutting edge" is The White Stripes.

    "Cutting Edge" is not Puff Daddy / Madonna / Will Smith who, although consistently producing commercially successful music, has very little musical creativity.


    Old Skool Class

  • DIM

    although I'd rather just let this one die, I can't help guys mistake me for a person who only listens to modern musical fluff....sorry, you've got the wrong fact i'm mostly a fan of underground music from the 60's (Love, Skip Spence, The Red Krayola), but I must say once again (to your un-ending aggravation!) Madonna is God and

    Madonna is cutting edge!!

  • hillary_step



    lol...Well anyone who listens to the real cutting edge like 'Love' cannot be all bad... You never know one day Madonna might cover one of their

    Be good - HS

  • expatbrit

    Speaking of "cutting edge", I understand that William Shatner just won an award for his cover of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.


  • hillary_step

    PS. Somebody asked me if I am playing the Gibson in the piece that I linked to above. No I did not, though I did play a part in that particular piece of music. I noted that piece as we were disccusing 'cutting edge' music. That piece was recorded 36 years ago and predates both Chicago and BST2. I guarantee that most who thought that Chicago and BST were at the cutting edges of jazz-rock had never heard this band, who as one can tell greatly influenced both the bands mentioned above.

    The guitarist, who is a good friend, is still playing and even more creatively. Some lead and others follow. The 'cutting edge' is the person who designs the clothes, not those who wear them.


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