Madonna is a dumb ass.

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  • LDH

    Yeah, and you know what really pissed me off? She said she wanted "people to buy her new album so she can donate all the money to charitable causes."

    Yeah, like she's such a f*$^ing humanitarian now.

    Then she gave a free concert at a Tower Records where she forgot the words to "Like A Virgin" and proceeded to try to rap (again.)

    You know, sometimes a part of "growth" is admitting what an asshole you previously were, TH.


    Non-Material Girl Class

  • bigboi

    I think she realizes that bad press is better than no press. She also recognizes that she's getting older and probably won't be able to portray herself as the hypersexual anti-virgin much longer. Plus she has kids and those lil fuckers always change yer outlook. Lousy rugrats!

  • xenawarrior
    But, the irony of her marketing herself to MY CHILD to make a buck (make that millions of them), to find that same thing to a determent to her own kid, is disgusting, IMNOHO.

    This bears repeating !!

    BRAVO Andee !!!

    My sentiments exactly !!


  • onacruse

    Madonna's ass is the smartest thing on her body...

    and she talks out of her butt.


  • topanga

    i think it is stupid to look at any celebrity or pop icon as a role model thats just retarded.

    they are in the public spotlight for the money they create a fake persona, life style ,creed etc for the money.

    it is not their responsibility to be a role model for anyones child. there are alot stars that however choose to be role models

    but remember at some point people have differing opinions about what is and is not acceptable lifestyle for a role model.

    people forget at some point you have to teach children to be their own person and these public role models have a right to be themselves good and bad. you cannot follow each and every single thing someone does and clone your life after it.

    i love madonna and as long as she lives she will be a star and taken care of by the public. We grew up with her and watched her go from village groupie to wwstardom.
  • hillary_step


    it is not their responsibility to be a role model for anyones child.

    I think you miss the point. Madonna is preventing her children from viewing the TV, others swearing and smoking in their company in case they are affected by unhealthy role models. In doing this she is attesting to the fact that she not only disagrees with your statement above but that she is also closer to being a hypocrite than she seems to want to admit. Semi-talented, semi-educated, semi-detached.


  • Francois

    Madonna claims to be a Cabbalahist? Now, that's a hoot. Cabbalahism is merely Jewish mysticism, no more, no less. And it's not an easy form of mysticism at that; and it helps to be Jewish to boot.

    I swear, these entertainers who can hold crowds of tens of thousands in thrall to their music somehow can't resist the notion that we're everyone of us interested in what they have to say about religion, politics, sex, international relations, and the probability that the Mother Ship will be orbiting earth soon.

    Cabbalahism my foot.


  • freedom96

    She is talented in that she knows how to work the media, and much of her music is enjoyable to listen to. However, I still stand by my thought that most celebrities need to entertain us, and shut up about much else.

  • larc

    Hey Tom,

    Here is the operational definition of the two terms. I am a smart ass, and you are a dumb ass - just kidding guy.

    Yet, if you look up the term, smart ass in the dictionary, you will see my picture.

    Now, regarding Maddoner (did I spell that right?), I really don't care what her opinion is on any subject, or the opinion of any singer or actor, for that matter. Most of them are under educated and ill informed.

  • DIM

    who cares? her opinions have always been ridiculous...

    her last 4 full length cd's are the best of her career though, thats good enough for me.

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