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  • LongHairGal


    Carpool? And on a regular basis? 🤣This young JW elder is truly naive if he imagines this would work over the long term.

    People don’t really want to carpool..and people don’t want to be forced on each other..Less privacy; what if somebody has a crappy car or if somebody doesn’t like somebody’s driving?..What if it’s somebody’s turn and they decide for whatever reason they aren’t going to the meeting that night? What if somebody’s sick or got home late from work, etc. etc.

    Nah, this is absurd and would not last long at all. The only JWs that would be eager to hitch a ride to that far-away kingdom hall on dangerous icy roads would be the needy desperate JWs looking for handouts who absolutely have to be present..This sounds doomed to failure and even more JWs are going to call it quits!

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I always get the impression brother Healthy/ well off figures how everyone else will have no problems. Lots if times IF he carpools it ends up being with sister attractive who has an unbelieving husband

    When we had a remodel the substitute hall took well over an hour to get to if there was an accident, or weather. A lot of us couldn't go

  • Vidiot
    shepherdless - "...This thread suggests that not only are the asset sales continuing, but they are, if anything, a little more frantic in going about it."


    Imagine how frantic they'd be if - in the end - they ended up having sold it all, and still failed to achieve any kind of equilibrium.


  • blondie

    Carpool? Of course, that kid elder was right there volunteering to do it, not.

    I found that many jws were always late (including elders), did not want certain jws and their children in their new cars, did not want to pick up jws who were not near to them and easy to pickup, did not want to cart older jws to the meetings, etc.

    Carpool, what a pile of crap!

    Blondie who functioned as a taxicab for older people, new people, people without vehicles (KH not on a public transportation route). I did not mind it because as a child I had to depend on jws for rides to the KH (non-jw father did not want to be left without a vehicle on meeting nights (only one family vehicle)). But I saw elders and MS unwilling to give rides to anyone. Too busy with admin duties. Yes, the bible says that elders had an out from showing real love to others if it was inconvenient. Imagine them in charge of things in a time of persecution. These elders would quickly give up the names and addresses of other jws to save their own behind.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Most of the people i rode with were TERRIBLE drivers. If there was carpooling to be done I always insisted on driving.

    There were sisters without cars riding every day with elderly sisters who scared everyone to death, wavering back and forth in their lane, turning in front of oncoming cars, etc. But they thought they were safe because the angels would protect them in field service! There were many minor accidents but that didn't stop parents from letting their kids ride with impaired drivers.

    Lots of drivers out in field service would try to read their maps or notes while driving!

  • NVR2L8

    New Sheep, you might be right....I don't get involved in JW conversations with my wife's visitors, so when I overheard that the Guelph congregation was getting 60 more publishers I assumed it resulted from the sale of the Elmira hall. It may indirectly be due to the new bounderies of territory. I wonder if they still have 2 halls in Guelph?

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