Now Canada's Turn

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  • zeb

    This ongoing sell off tells me evermore that the gb are not running the show at all its being run by some very nasty lawyer/accountant types who have attached themselves like limpets to the wt operation because of the mountain of cash and cashcows therein.

    Once the $$ pile gets below a certain level they will cut and run leaving whatever remains of the congs to their fate whatever that may be; indeed this is perhaps what is happening with all these congs that are being sold up?

  • newsheep

    Chicopee congregation just got shut down this week along with a hall in St Catherines. One in Kitchener as well. This was in the making without anyone knowing their halls had been sold off. They have one month to be reassigned to their new congregations. Many people are pissed. What was just a few minutes drive is now a forty minute drive and many here are elderly. I wonder if this is what Cedars meant about something big coming in Canada. It's going right across Canada. The halls that are being sold off are on the outskirts of big cities.

  • nonjwspouse

    If lawyers were really running the whole show, the two witness rule would be gone. That one thing is draining the $$$$$ fast


    The true believers will do whatever they feel they must. If that means driving 40 minutes or more to a meeting, then they will do it. This is especially true for believing Elders. They will do it because the believing CO will “lovingly remind” them that their lives and the lives of the sheep depend on it.

    Never underestimate the power of guilt.

    So what if over 50-75% of Dubs leave from all over the world? The leaders will have a smaller, more manageable and obedient flock to control and with less buildings to manage, plus the ability to use the internet, the WT can just morph again and again.

    8 million followers without tithing or some other official and reliable form of gathering funds, ( I highly doubt Dubs are contributing enough. Very few ever did, even when it was common practice to donate what you thought a book was worth..) is worse than 3-4 million true believers willing to tithe, or perhaps give more.

    Thats a sensible plan. Lose the dead weight, sell off assets, consolidate and survive. This is assuming the WTBTS isn’t wiped out by Sexual Abuse lawsuits.

    6-8 new GB members can still live out their lives in tax free luxury with all the food and healthcare they need just as easily with a smaller flock. They just need to stop talking about expansion and start preaching about “Jehovah” cleaning up the Organization again... The Dubs won’t question Nu-light.

    Look at what happened when Boozerford took over. The strongest ( independent thinkers to some degree ) all left and the more compliant and faithful remained. It could very well happen again and as long as tax free Real Estate and free labor abound, the cult can survive.


  • newsheep

    A while back someone had posted a video with Cedars being interviewed and in that interview he said something big was coming but couldn't say what. Can anyone please send me the link. I have a friend leaving that wants to see it. It wasn't that long ago.

  • LV101

    Data Dog -- I don't like what ya say re/their new smaller, game, plan, but agree.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Data Dog -- I don't like what ya say re/their new smaller, game, plan, but agree.

    Ordinarily...a business that is floundering, downsizes first and if that doesn't help then it operates with a skeleton crew. I really don't mind if WT after downsizing fails... morphs into a would be a good fit!🤣

  • iwantoutnow

    He is 80 and anointed, presumably been a JW for decades, has lived a long life, and his old church happens to still be around and in walking distance?


  • newsheep

    His old church had kicked him out when he started studying with the witnesses in 1960's. He is in a semi-retirement two bedroom condo where the church he use to go to is right down the road. I know that for sure. It's the old mennonite church in Elmira. Every Wed night the mennonites come together and have sing song and games night. All the people living in that commune are mostly mennonite. As far as anointed goes, he felt everyone should partake. He would only use his king james bible and not theirs. He also believes that you have to be born again to enter heaven. Eighty percent of the Elmira territory is mennonite. Old order, Amish, new order, you name it. He says he is done. It was him that had shown up on our door step the evening he heard we were out and gave us a book written from a Russel Reed. In return we gave him a book Crisis of Conscience which he read twice.

    He has 101 family members that are mennonite and has no problem going back to their belief. He does have one son who is an elder outside of Ottawa. It would be funny if that guys hall is sold too.

  • LV101

    Businesses do down size from time to time - especially when recruits/contributors are hard to come by. After downsizing they file bankruptcy -- can churches file bankruptcy. I don't know but seems a few have reorganized via chapter proceedings in the past.

    I can't imagine with all the free real estate/free money business scheme (I'm a skeptic/gave up hope) but even McDonalds hits bumps in the road from time to time. With the cult's promises and brainwashing - third world countries, they'll have wiggle room. Yes -- morphing into skeleton -- now that'd be good news to the nations.

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