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  • smiddy3

    Since the internet has been around i believe it is/will be much harder to make converts out of christendoms religions ,where let`s face it most of their converts have come from when they poached off christendoms religions these past 140 years .

    Very and I mean very few if really any converts ever came straight from Asian ,Muslim , or Oriental religions , they always came from people who had already been converted by family to christendom beforehand due to Christendoms missionaries earlier on.

  • Vidiot
    Hoser - "You’re not broke until you’ve got nothing left to sell. What will watchtower do when they’ve sold off all the Kingdom Halls?"


  • Vidiot
    wannaexit - "...the rank and file to sell their houses."

    Aw crap, I hadn't even thought of that.

    Still, even if that happens, it's just a band-aid on a bleeding stump, not any kind of permanent solution.

    And as cold as this may sound, it'd be pretty hard for me to muster up any sympathy for rank-and-filers foolish enough to do it, and then have to live with the consequences.

    Besides, how many JW loyalists actually own their own homes? They're in some of the lowest-earning demographics in the world.

  • blondie

    hoser, even if all the KHs are sold off the people who had meetings in them will still be there. The local congregation would have to rent a facility or hold all meetings in private homes and the congregation members would pay the costs themselves.

    That is what was done in my area until the early 1950's, when the first KH was built (but at the expense of the local congregation).

    The WTS will continue to dun the congregations as a whole (officially or unofficially) for money leaving the elders responsible for getting the money. The WTS already has access to congregation bank accounts. The WTS might even disband congregations that don't donate.

    The WTS will no longer be depending on their god to support them, or conclude that their god is no longer with them because the money is not flowing in.

  • NVR2L8

    One of the halls in Guelph where some from Elmira are being relocated has 100 publishers but the attendance is poor, 60 I was told. The change will ad 60 more...

  • newsheep

    There are none going to Guelph. Fergus, Listowel, Waterloo and Grand Valley. Guelph is way too far territory wise. Also, London, On has only three halls and one assembly hall. Guelph would make more sense it's a few minutes closer but they went by the territories from neighboring halls that back up to Elmira's. No one has mentioned Guelph to us yet. I could be wrong though. I will love to see what these halls will look like come memorial or co visit time. That's the only time their jammed pack. Maybe another announcement then saying they need to build a bigger hall and then down that road sell it again. Stay tuned as the stomach turns.

  • newsheep

    Three halls in the Niagara region got shut down. One is in Welland

  • truthlover123

    Working from West to the East...just waiting to hear about mine.

  • newsheep

    Last Thursday they left it up to kid elder to answer any questions to the one group who is assigned to the farthest hall away. There were complaints about how long it will take, the money in gas and how treacherous the road is out that way in the winter. His reply was everyone will have to carpool. WTF? How can they put that out there and assume people are going to carpool? In the Elmira hall there are many sisters with unbelieving husbands and widows. They are feeling really unsafe about this

    I asked about Guelph and none are going there. It's Waterloo, Fergus and Listowel that are the assigned halls and no one is happy about this but the elders who live right next to Waterloo.

  • shepherdless

    Last year, there was a leak of a lengthy internal financial webinar, that gave a substantial amount of info on the Borg’s financial woes. Some analysis of it by Cedars is here:

    That video analysis is over an hour long, and I am not sure everything in it is correct. Nevertheless, it is clear that the Borg has some significant financial problems, the cutbacks to date have not been enough, and the only strategy seems to be to keep selling what they can, in the hope that it buys them some time to increase revenue (ie increase donations). Late in one of the video extracts, the accountants are asked if the current round of sales will solve the problem. The oblique answer was gold!

    This thread suggests that not only are the asset sales continuing, but they are, if anything, a little more frantic in going about it.

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