2015 10-20-BOE!

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  • wifibandit
  • Londo111
    If the new time slips no longer record the number of magazines placed, then that will be one less criteria for the CO to judge in making appointments...
  • Socrateswannabe
    Has the Watchtower ever sent out a letter that doesn't raise more questions than it answers? These guys couldn't write a set of instructions on how to nuke a pop tart without screwing something up. A guy I know once said that they can't communicate a simple set of instructions properly because they don't live in the real world and don't have to worry about implementing all the BS that they dream up. I believe that.
  • Petraglyph
    JeffT: I suspect this has to do with employment law and liability.

    I was thinking along exactly those lines.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The pioneers and others are always wanting to fill out high numbers on their slip, including each column with no "ZERO." So working at a booth or encouraging people to go to the website hasn't been satisfying for them.

    This also sets them up to allow for a huge shortage of magazines and encouraging the members to "place" something else. As long as they get to "count" it, the members will be fine.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions


    Saturday morning at Starbucks hitting replay on a ChewyWitness.org video for four hours while I chat with "friends."

    Plus time-and-a half for weekends.

    It is paradise!

  • Pioneerbot
    @simon you can download the videos into the jw library app on a mobile device. So it just chews your battery not your data. This is a very poorly designed app btw. It's really hard to get to the videos
  • nonjwspouse
    So, that is why my MIL was asking some months ago about phone data, and wanting to be able to add her ipad to enable mobile phone data . HA Their phones are on our plan. I didn't know her reasoning then, and I told her it made no sense to spend all that money each month to use mobile data on the ipad unless she traveled regularly. She just kinda sat there. i explained all the places she frequents has wifi, and she uses wifi free. She didn't come back with any information to the contrary and it was dropped.

    Exactly what part was not read to the congregation?


  • freddo

    @DATA - DOG - page 2

    This is to encourage less placements of higher ticket items like books and 32/64 page brochures.

    Sister mega-mag route pioneer doesn't need to place a bazillion mags each month. She can place tracts and "video showings" it still goes to her placements and looking good on her report.

    It's all about saving the dosh.


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