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  • Atlantis
    2015, 10/20/BOE.
    Re: Making Wise Use of Printed Magazines.
    Page 2:
    This postscript should neither be read to the congregation nor be posted
    on the information board.
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  • stuckinarut2


    New "report" slips with columns showing "placements" (electronic, printed etc) , and "video showings"!

    Simply getting stranger and stranger.....

    Oh! And yet these figures will NOT go to the branch?? So why record them?? FOR CONTROL locally and to MONITOR someones "spirituality"??

  • Simon

    Why do they need publishers to count video views - that can easily be done at the server. The only reason would be to maintain control and make people feel they need to push their video.

    BTW: Is this via iPad's that people carry round on the ministry? Who pays for all the bandwidth?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Atlantis, Thanks a bunch again. I, we, all are very, very grateful you provide us with these!!!
  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    They seem to be trying to sneak through the changes to reporting for some reason. BTW, this means that the new Organized book is already out of date. Ch 8 paragraph 24 talks about reporting books, brochures and magazines in their own columns.


  • pixel

    Please note that beginning in January 2016, publishers’ placements will no longer be reported to the branch office. Neither will video showings be reported. However, in order to monitor congregation activity, placements and video showings should still be recorded in the congregation’s files. Other forms and the appropriate pages on jw.org will be updated in the near future.

    What????! No more sending this info to mother?

  • rege  brazzy
    rege brazzy
  • steve2

    Revised Field Service Report (S-4): Beginning in January 2016, all placements—whether print-ed or electronic—will be reported in one combined category entitled "Placements." (Electronic place-ments would include files of or links to videos, books, magazines, articles, tracts, and so forth.) Addi-tionally, a new category entitled "Video Showings" will be used to report the number of times we were able to show one of our videos in the ministry. We will continue to report hours, return visits, and the number of different Bible studies conducted during the month. The existing Field Service Report may be used until the revised forms arrive.

    Talk about license to pad out your field service reports!!

    Now Joe and Josephine JW can record the number of times they've shown "one of [jw.org] videos in the ministry".

    And to bury the drop off in magazine and book placements, all placements - including for giveaway tracts! - are to now be counted in one single ginormous category. So, in some future Yearbook, if they're still including a detailed country-by-country service report, there'll be a single category showing they are increasing their placements by gazillions. Of course, the fact that the bulk of placements will be one-page tracts, often left in letterboxes and/or doorways, will not be acknowledged.

  • tim3l0rd

    Still sending hours, RVs, and bible studies to the branch, but not placements or video showings. I think they were probably tired of seeing all the "placements" that were recorded not adding up to reality.

    It makes sense, though, as they COs now appoint elders and MS. The branch doesn't need all that info.

    On a side note wifibandit's video showing numbers will be through the roof! LOL

  • JeffT
    I suspect this has to do with employment law and liability. It the activity report goes to the branch, the branch is responsible for what goes on (slip and falls, auto accidents, eyeing little girls with bad intent, whatever). If it doesn't, the publishers are strictly volunteers at the local level. If this is an attempt to push liability onto the congregations the real fun will start when the local elders discover they're being hung out to dry.

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