2015 10-20-BOE!

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  • OneFingerSalute

    a new category entitled “Video Showings” will be used to report the number of times we were able to show one of our videos in the ministry.

    So now the eldurrs will have another reason to question the "spirituality" of the sheeple.

    "What do you mean brother poorer-than-dirt not showing the required number of videos? You need to purchase one of the approved tablets. Gee-HO-Vah will provide for your material needs until you get done paying for it!"



    I read the mirrored version. Why not read the postscript? It's not like it's super top secret information?!?! WTF?? Who would even care??

    Friggin watchtards....


  • hoser
    What I get from the post script is that placements are to be reported so the circuit overseer can monitor the congregation.

    This won't work. Only the uber-dubs will actually have the courage to even attempt to show videos at the door. The last few times that I went in failed-circus, ( just to throw the Eldubs off my scent ) absolutely no one shared videos.

    Regular Dubs like to knock softly, do the fakey-ring doorbell, or sit or stand by a rolley-cart with zero interaction. Now it's sounds as if they are being pressured to:

    1) Purchase smart phones or tablets, which may be a challenge because of their poor education and low income.

    2) Actually get past an introduction with a house-holder who will allow them to play a video.

    This seems really dumb and desperate.


  • pepperheart
    The fewer magazines they give out, the fewer magazines they will have to print in the future and that will save them money.I can see them in time giving out nine year old magazines like they are giving out nine year old teaching books now
  • shadow
    How about bringingb back theg good old windup phonograph?
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Of course. So the C.O. can closer monitor the congregation. Just another control mechanism at the C.O.'s disposal. ''Spirituality gauge'' of sorts.
  • GLTirebiter

    a new category entitled "Video Showings" will be used to report the number of times we were able to show one of our videos in the ministry

    Mark Zuckerberg is now the most productive publisher of them all. No wonder they're phasing out special pioneers! ;<)

  • wifibandit

    km 12/12 p. 5 - Kingdom Ministry—2012

    Our Official Web Site—Use It in Your Ministry

    Send an Article or a Publication to Someone You Know: Attach a downloaded PDF or an EPUB to an e-mail. ... Each time you give someone who is not baptized a complete electronic book, brochure, or magazine, you may count it as a placement.

  • hardtobeme
    That will be a new qualification for Ministerial Servants and Elders.

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