A new generation of anointed that will not pass away.

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  • Fisherman

    Obviously, the older “ anointed ” from 1914 died.

    And because they were anointed, they hopefully went to heaven. In the first century though, a newer generation did not replace the old. A lot of the original apostles died including Paul before 70CE. However, at least John and some others saw the all these things occur and also that wicked generation that rejected Jesus and his miracles from God. At some point in time though, Jesus will arrive and pass judgment separating the sheep and the goats. 70 is a model showing the certainty of the modern day great tribulation. The question is when, in our lifetime?

  • ozziepost
    70 is a model showing the certainty of the modern day great tribulation.

    This seems a bit of a stretch to me, you go from 70 to a modern-day certainty, one doesn’t prove the other.

    I agree that Christ taught his followers to be in expectation but not the when of it coming.

    I suspect we will be visited here by some familiar faces because this topic follows a well-worn path.

    Just my .02 cents.


    Ozzie 🍷

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo


    You are making a lot of assumptions there. 🙂

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Fisherman - there is one born every minute. The question is are you naive enough to fall for the dawn of the latest spin/story?

    Here's a quote from this website 14 years ago, by Athanasius. Note DAWN Bible Student. The dawn of what exactly? The dawn of a new tall story about pyramids.

    Athanasius14 years ago

    After leaving the JWs I attended a few Dawn Bible Student meetings. It was not with the idea of joining their group but more of a historical interest to see if they were so violently anti-JW as the Watchtower claimed. The group I met with was very kind and never once mentioned the JWs except to say that one of the members of their group was an ex-JW. Anyway, their study books were Russell's Studies in the Scriptures, but the discussion was much more open than a Watchtower study at the KH. They also had birthday parties after the service.

    However, not all Bible Student groups keep the 606 or 607 BC date. The Pastoral Bible Institute accepts 586 BC as the date for Jerusalem's destruction and the beginning of the Gentile Times. Of course RR is the resident Bible Student scholar and he has a wealth of information on the movement, its beliefs and its history. He has been very helpful in answering questions about Russell and the Bible Students.

    dawn bible students (page 2) (jehovahs-witness.com)

  • TonusOH
    The question is when, in our lifetime?

    If Yahweh has been patient enough to let things go on this long, who is to say that he isn't planning to wait another hundred years? Another thousand? Another hundred thousand?

    End-times numerology frequently assumes that the end is -coincidentally- going to come during the present generation's lifetime. I want to see the reaction when a bunch of "theological numerological scholars" come up with the year 3719AD as the actual date of the end of the world.

  • truth_b_known

    The Great Tribulation already happened. 70 C.E. was it. Nearly 2,000 years later and Jesus still hasn't returned. Probably because he never was going to return and the Apostles inserted that part in their new religion.

    "This generation will by no means pass away..."

    It passed away nearly 20 centuries ago.

  • Vanderhoven7

    In Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, Jesus was talking about the people then living, not the WT manufactured 1914 generation.

  • Ding

    Instead of saying, "We were wrong," the "humble brothers" doubled down.

    Will the overlapping generations themselves overlap somehow in order to keep the whole thing going?

    The mind boggles.

  • Fisherman

    Since the heavenly hope was the only “calling” throughout the centuries until the point in time of the earthly hope in the 20th century (according to wt commentary), such people missed their boat to go to heaven and are hopefully resurrected only as humans -righteous and unrighteous. Too bad. ( Or are toast; that’s worse. if no earthly hope back then) A couple of questions arise: Without the preaching back then and an apostate christianity without pure worship being restored until 1919, how would all those millions of people qualify to go to heaven based on what standard?

    And why extend the heavenly hope to millions if there is only room for 144,000? Particularly because the other option is eternal death—but then again no because if they didn’t qualify to go to heaven back then, they will be resurrected as humans after the gt. Either that or most of our ancestors are toast because they didn’t qualify for the heavenly hope—Even grandparents born in the 1800’s and that entire generation of people who heard the kingdom message from the Bible students and rejected it and having only the heavenly hope is toast. And many people all over the earth that never heard the kingdom message at all or of Jehovah only had the heavenly hope without even knowing about it. Unless the heavenly hope was not for everyone throughout the centuries and the earthly hope also existed throughout the centuries . But if there was no hope except for only the heavenly hope back then, all those people are toast except for a tiny number that go to heaven. The problem with that is that most humans back then never had a chance to begin with even if they all qualified because there is only room for 144,000 —and also need to make room for the anointed of 1914 that also are part of the limited figure.

    We do know however, that a limited amount of people go to heaven and everybody else that is found in the book of life, stays on the planet.

  • ozziepost
    We do know however, that a limited amount of people go to heaven and everybody else that is found in the book of life, stays on the planet.

    I didn’t “know” that at all.

    Fisherman’s gospel is way different from the gospel I read in scripture.

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