Halls closing

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  • Leopold theseconed
    Leopold theseconed

    I live in northern Canada and it’s being felt here to. The brothers and sisters are so nieve to the reality. They all think it’s a sign the the great tribulation is getting closer. The last four at least local needs parts were all about setting up your go bag. That’s how they are keeping everyone’s mind off the reality that there being ripped off and taken advantage of. I mean even the LDC guys coming around are completely in the dark and think it’s all about keeping up with the chariot. Crazy stuff I tell ya.

  • ToesUp

    "They all think it’s a sign the the great tribulation is getting closer. "

    That is exactly what our family members think. The only "end" in sight is the end of WT!!!

  • pepperheart
    If i thought the end was coming i wouldnt have kicked out 1000s of people from bethels from around the world but kept them there so they could go door to door not 30 hours a month but 50 hours a week.
  • asp59

    THE END is coming the end is coming. So we gonna build a fancy Warwick with the money we get from selling your kingdom halls. That i evere belived anything this People told me is beyond me now. You live and learn.

  • LV101

    If their "end" is demise of WT why would they double down control on the flock now. Are they hanging onto them for online members/accounts or in case they aren't out of loot? Guess they need members either way.

  • joe134cd
    in another 50 years time, all the physical assets will be sold and proceeds back in America. It will be an on line religion where there will be a nominal subscription fee to down load videos directly out of Warwick.
  • LV101

    50 years -- that long?! Please say any year now/lol -- can't they hurry the h_ll up! At least we get to sit back and enjoy the drama these days.

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