What really should be the role of Women in the congregations?

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  • zeb

    my wife studied accountancy but no way was she allowed to do the congs books...

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from Long Haired Gal:

    I don't want ANY role in any congregation or any religion, thank you very much!

    Glad this nonsense is behind me.

    Isn't freedom wonderful? I understand. So do the Watchers. You've gained freedom from The Cult and that is amazing!

  • LongHairGal




  • smiddy3

    That says a lot Zeb doesn`t it ,what about all the faithful women who had positions of '"worth and authority" in the the Bible the JW`s are supposed to base their religion on ?

  • jesscd

    I had been disfellowshipped for a few years and still wavered between it being the truth or not and whether I should go back - but when I became pregnant and started contemplating how I wanted to raise a daughter or a son with a view towards women that cemented my decision and my true recovery. You can go rounds and rounds over how the scriptures treat women but when it comes down to the wire they will always be second class citizens. That isn't how I wanted my daughter or son to be raised thinking.

  • Diogenesister

    Scholars don't believe Paul wrote Timothy.


    If it's ok for Watchtower to take John 8.1 out of the Bible because scholars are not convinced it was originally there, why leave Timothy, or form their doctrine from it? Why not formulate their doctrine from descriptions of Deborah, Pheobe, Priscilla, Junia??0

  • mikeflood

    Apostle Paul could suffer a heart attack if he goes this days to any KH and see women's clothes....time makes things change. The WT could get a treasure of very good MS in women but I doubt they do it.

  • OnTheWayOut

    In any religion that doesn't treat women as equals, as we have finally been enlightened about sometime in the 20th century, the only place we should find women is outside the doors on the way out.

  • deegee

    This series of articles discusses the arguments for and against women as religious leaders:


  • Old Navy
    Old Navy


    That is a very comprehensive page. Very interesting.

    Another -ism that might be added to the list:

    militarism: unequal treatment because of rank or status

    There are no doubt others which might be included.

    Discrimination is not necessarily a bad thing is it?

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