My Dad wants to study with me

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    @ blackwolf:

    I'm not just going to go along with whatever he wants (and I'm definitely NOT going to get baptized), but I'm not going to start an argument either.

    Your own approach is better than what many of us have suggested. You decided for a good compromise between defiance and submission, without giving up important principles. You are almost ready to live life on your own terms. Your voice sounds much stronger and mature than it did when you started posting a while ago. I am happy to see you mentally liberated from the influence of the cult and getting ready to move on.

  • Heaven

    BlackWolf, you handled the study very well. I think it is good that you are trying to be honest, rational, firm, but kind with your Dad. This is what I did with my parents too when I was your age as well as into my young adulthood. It has been successful in me being able to maintain my relationship with them even though, at times, it has been strained and difficult.

    I think it is also good that you bring some relevant Scientific information to the studies. Teachers learn from students almost as much as students learn from teachers. It is a reciprocal relationship (as all relationships should be). You have an opportunity here to give your Dad some knowledge he might otherwise not get studying with someone else he's trying to recruit.

    It is possible your Dad is bipolar. I find a lot of people in this religion have these kinds of issues. My parents became like this. I tried to remain calm, rational, and kind when they became angry, delusional, and mean. "Emotions Down, Productivity Up." This is a phrase Monty Roberts uses when dealing with horses... and humans. I have used this and I find that it works.

    I used to have an Instagram account but I think they deleted it after they decided to not let PC users upload images anymore. I presently don't have 'data' on my SmartPhone as it is an extra cost and I wouldn't use it very much anyway.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    Hey BlackWolf,

    How are things? I was wondering if your dad is still studying with you, and how is that going? Has he seen the light yet? hehe


  • pale.emperor

    If it were me, i'd join another religion just to get him off my back. One that believes the bible. So he cant refute your bible based reasoning on a God of love, that there would be false prophets, that it doesn't matter if we live or die as long as we serve God in spirit and truth.

    Of course im an atheist, so to me id just be playing the game.

    The other day my Dad told me that I was old enough to make a decision, and was wondering why I wasn't ready.

    Erm... maybe because her decision is that she doesn't want to get baptized?

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