Have You Been “Gaslit”?

by minimus 46 Replies latest jw friends

  • waton

    again in today's "text". May 20, wt is gaslighting the jws.

    they write, the pharisees did not like to be asked questions, as if they the wt leaders welcome them. and questions are asked to get an opinion has it occurred to them that people actually ask real questions to get at the truth? like the Bereans?

    start asking questions in the cong or write to warwick and see the pharisaic response.

  • minimus

    I always wondered if the daily text had “apostates” writing snippets to get JWs wondering.

  • waton

    minimus, the wt comment is old wt magazine paragraphs, but excellent material to teach your kids critical thinking

    how messed uo you would be if , reading between the lines. how messed up you would be if you took those wt "comments" at face value

    gas light instead of sunlight.

  • waton

    continuing gaslighting the wt members in today's May 24 text comment:

    "we do not discuss lies about the organisations with apostates." right.

    the, why not discuss the facts ?.

  • Phizzy

    "we do not discuss lies about the organisations with apostates."

    Well that's good then, Apostates only want to discuss the TRUTH about the Org.

    "Gas Lighting" is convincing you that you are mad, and you are the one in the wrong, JW Org and its members try to convince us that we are the ones who have "lost their minds" and that we are Dire Sinners for leaving the Org.

    The truth of the matter is, we are the ones NOT deluded, and we have left a very coercive and abusive Relationship with a Mind Controlling Authoritarian Cult.

    We are brave SURVIVORS of "Gaslighting".

  • waton

    In today's wt study, June 6. par. 3, wt complains that some will consider it a service to god to persecute believers.( as the scriptures state), but

    that is exactly what wtBtS inc and it's followers try to do , -- to those that expose them as deluded, or the frauds that they are. and

    they say that they do not like "snide" comments , to be warded off by christian armor. -- snide like in german "schneiden" cutting remarks.-- well the truth hurts. it will cut right through any armor. --as amour will too.

    PS: gaslighting the poor flock by images of armored swat teams hunting down innocents, but also asserting that is not your life that matters but the issue of "universal sovereignty" and for true believers:

    For the highest reward you have to lose your life, the hard way.

  • solomon

    I’ve heard more snide remarks directed at me from fellow jws than from any non jw

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