Why didn't I leave back then???

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  • Wakanda

    I think my co-dependance or something like that is showing. IDK.

  • Diogenesister

    This man had dementia and sorry I dont care who he is he doesnt deserve to be laughed at.

    Having said that the governing body are still making derogatory comments about people they believe are not anointed because they are nuts, basically. So it seems lack of respect for those who have brain impairment or illness is rife in this Org from the top down.

  • silentbuddha
  • flipper

    SILENTBUDDHA-What a creepy video, thanks for sharing ! lol.

    I know some EX-JWs who knew Lyman Swingle very well. The poster named Farkel who died about 4 years ago used to date Lyman Swingles daughter years ago ! LOL. I had lunch with Farkel several times before he died. He said Lyman Swingle probably had the best sense of humor of the GB way back then and actually at times would think outside of the GB box. Perhaps that explains in part why he would show up at breakfast in a kimono. LOL. Real comedian I heard. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • OrphanCrow
    wakanda: I think when we reminisce we can get back into the mindset we had at the time, i.e. being 19. Silent could have been thinking about the situation from a non-indoctrinated 19 year old point of view, but still 19. Also, drag comedy is seen a lot in society, and we are sort of indoctrinated to laugh at it. ???

    I think that JWs in general are indoctrinated to laugh at things that are "different". I have experienced JW in-laws that have laughed very inappropriately at other people who have had unfortunate circumstances. Their funny bones are attached to their asses. As far as drag comedy in "society" goes...that again is a JW funny bone instead of an understanding of what drag comedy is. Oftentimes, JW humor (that I have encountered) is of the derisive sort. Slapstick humor at best.

    I would think that a young Bethelite encountering a doddery old fool at the helm of an organization that has promised them that they "wouldn't grow old in this system of things" would have a rude awakening instead of finding it funny. But no. Instead, those same young'uns just substitute themselves into that promise and believe even more deeply in their own infallibility and eliteness. "Not me! I am young. Of course I will be the generation that escapes old age and death!"

    Overlapping generations indeed. (I always think of dogs with their tongues hanging out, lapping up water, when I hear that phrase)

  • Confusedandangry

    @silentbuddha Thank you for sharing, I'm always up to hearing stories from ex-bethelites. I lived in Queens a long time ago and spent a lot of time at all the Bethel buildings. (I was secretly 'dating' one'). I have a few funny stories myself.

    @wake me-I would read that book! ha

  • silentbuddha

    Well look at this experience from one of our local posters. Being black I try not to infuse my stories about racism their because truthfully sometimes it is hard to accept. However, this is very telling. And this is the guy I should sympathize with? All of this assuming he actually was diagnosed with dementia...

    Ronnie Klineman from Ruston Louisiana. Told me my favorite story about Brother Swingle who was on the governing body. Ronnie set on Lyman’s table. This new black kid was sitting there feeling pretty good about himself as most new boys do.

    Lyman said to him. "Boy would you pass me the potatoes?"

    The black brother looked at Lyman in the eye and said. "I'm not your boy!”

    To which Lyman said, not batting an eye. "Nigger pass the potatoes."

    Hard to believe isn’t? Yes, Bethel was not the place to try and be uppity.

    This was the early seventies and the “black power” thing was happening. A lot of black brothers went there had a little bit of an attitude. If they didn’t, some pick it up after they got there. I can’t say I blame them.

  • silentbuddha

    So OrphanCrow how long were you a Jehovah's Witness... just wondering LOL

  • Giordano

    I also grew up in Queens and visited Bethel when my Cousin was there. I didn't like it....at all. Back in the day a young JW had two choices. Pioneer or go to Bethel.

    Having been there on numerous visits , the factory, the work schedule and pay........ $14 a month......... was not appealing. Also just about every one was your boss.

    So I elected to pioneer where the need was great. Moved to a small congregation in NW Pennsylvania. Best decision I could have made within the bounds of JW thinking at that time. Married my pioneer partner 55 years ago.

    We left the religion in our young 20's....got out together.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    This is the first time I hear that Swingle had dementia. This really makes me upset and angry! How the hell could a demented old man be part of this "special" group of men who made life altering decisions for people?! And obviously he wasn't the only one with that issue!

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