Why didn't I leave back then???

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  • steve2

    I get where you're coming from OrphanCrow - I too imediately thought Swingle could have been going through some kind of neuro-degenerative process - but I attribute that to the kind of assessment work I do.

    At the same time, it can be incredibly difficult being a new kid on the block and being exposed to the unusual behaviour of an identified GB member and not quite knowing what to make of it and how to respond. Then to subsequently be reprimanded for being "disrespectful" - that would be kind of deflating to say the least! Contrast that with brothers kindly providing education and modelling respect to the "offending" new brother, explaining to him why caution is preferable. It would have been a helpful rather than punishing experience.

    Something to think about: If Swingle had not been a member of the GB and displayed the very same behaviour, would there have been a groundswell of respect at Bethel and understanding for him?

  • blownaway

    Pictures, We need covert pictures of the inside. Also covert video. They are making video cameras that look like car fobs. I have one from ebay and it works great. Cost is about 15 bucks. Videos we need videos.

  • silentbuddha

    Which reminds me of another old adage: "If you meet OrphanCrow on the road, kill him."


  • sparrowdown

    I didn't realize kimonos were considered "drag".

    The upstairs neighbour in Breakfast at Tiffany's wore one all the time and he was just racist not transvestite (lol, that's called a joke).

    What it is evidence of is a toxic heirarchy and who not to criticize. Yes a red flag that all is not what it seems at the big house.

    I have no sympathy for bethelites full stop, but surely just being there for any length of time would send anyone a bit "eccentric".

    Though it sounds more like to me he figured he had earned the right to not give a f**k.

  • careful

    sparky1: "Lyman Swingle swore like a pirate. The language he used would get any other rank and file Witness disfellowshipped. I still liked him, though."

    silentbuddha: "was it just me or did it seem that brothers who were known as "heavy" often curse and do things that would shock people just for the fun of it[?] I remember Br. Sydlik used to use foul language on a regular basis as well."

    Is it without point that in his CofC book Ray Franz portrays both Swingle and Sydlik as liberals who shared his viewpoints on matters that came before the GB and in running the org? They liked to side with Ray in discussions and voting.

    This has got to be connected…somehow…

    In the highest echelons of WT land, swearing makes one liberal! Or liberals like to swear at Bethel. Hmmmm…

    SB, you have begun a thread that has generated considerable response, like SBF's or those of Leolaia in days past. Congrats!

  • OrphanCrow
    silentbuddha: So OrphanCrow how long were you a Jehovah's Witness... just wondering

    Born and raised a JW

    Left at the very first opportunity (age 13 going on 14) a few years before before Armageddon happened in 75

    Been inside a KH twice since then - once when my JW sis married and once when my JW granny was buried

    Family members who are still JW

    *Nathan...I watch out for drivers just like you. They haven't got me yet

  • jambon1

    It’s all very well debating about whether he had dementia or not but have you seen this latest crowd of GB members?

    A bunch of utterly crazy old bastards. Like, really, sinister, crazy.

  • OrphanCrow
    Jambo: have you seen this latest crowd of GB members?
    A bunch of utterly crazy old bastards. Like, really, sinister, crazy.

    Oh yeah

    Are there any left from "The Children of The King" 1941 generation? Consider Swingle as an (over)lapping old bastard. He was there when those children were talked into making a pledge of allegiance to the Wt's. And how many of them were around for 75?

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