I am getting disfellowshipped

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  • CitizenofEarth

    Hello there

    Maybe some of you remember me, maybe not.

    For general information i am now 19 years old, and living by myself. For the past 1 year (more like 1.5 years) i have been quietly fading out of the hypocrisy of this organization, but since i still live in the town i grew up in it has been hard, and filled with different challenges. Nonetheless i have been very successful up until last Sunday, where my silent and almost anonymous lifestyle fell apart. I have had two friends since childhood, who i consider my "brothers from another mother", and i would go through hell and worse for them. This feeling is reciprocated. However, they were both disfellowshipped last year - one for having a girlfriend, and the other for french-kissing a girl at a party. I have never had anything going for me in relation to girls, mostly because of my silent persona, and a weird conscience from still present jw mentality. Nonetheless, i chose to ignore them being disfellowshipped, since i would never abandon my friends, and use my friendship against them as a weapon, in order to make them live another lifestyle. I find that kind of behavior abhorrent, hence me completely ignoring them being disfellowshipped. All of us three spent our last vacation with each other in another town far from where i live (the vacation lasting from christmas to after new years), at one of my friends apartment. However, it would seem that some jw's have been stalking us, since it did not even take two days before i got home, to me being chased down by elders in several ways. Calls, my door and them going through my parents to reach me. I have ignored them for over a year with sucess, but since they involved my parents, i decided to show them a minor amount of respect and meet them at a public space (library), where they could explain what they wanted from me. They then told me how i was spotted with two disfellowshipped in another town over 130 km away. Interesting talk ensued, but i basically said that i would not bow under for peer pressure and use my friendship as a weapon against them, and furthermore i would never abandon my true friends. They explained how i was a bad example and a bad influence on the local congregation, whereafter i asked: "How can i be anything to people i havent seen or heard from in over a year?". No comments from their side. Further talking ensued, but my firm stance resulted in them saying that i would get disfellowshipped - they thought this "bomb" would scare me, but my response to this was firm and fast. I will not bow under from this peer pressure and throw my friends away just because they dont live exactly the way i live. This made them rather mad, as they they now see me as hypocritical and without remorse. But i know they have looked for an excuse to disfellowship me for a long time, but since i have been living a clean and silent life they have had nothing on me. This next sunday i will be called into the star chamber, which is why i write this to you guys. Do you have any suggestions for points i could bring forth under the judicial meeting. I know i will get disfellowshipped, but i wont go silent out, and i plan to record it for my family to hear. If i could bring up some valid points i could make show some willing souls what really goes on in there.

  • scotsman

    Don’t go, you’re on a hiding to nothing.

  • Londo111

    Don't go. No point.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Sunday, Monday, Happy Days Tuesday, Wednesday Happy Days Thursday, Friday Happy Days Saturday What a Day. If you are DF walk out with your head up high and tell them , thank you very much I'am so grateful. OR refuse to go in the star chamber, unless your family can sit in..Remember those elders are not special, in fact they are fools following a 8 member(GB) circle jerk....

  • Finkelstein

    Congratulations for leaving this lying deceitful cult.

    The WTS has been a commercialized fraud since day one which didn't evoke the basic principles of Christianity of truth, love, acceptance and understanding, it was a corrupt publishing house (false prophet) as it still is today by actual identification through bible scripture .

    It lured people into the organization via their own ignorance of the bible and made them into their own public sales representatives or laboring slaves.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    dont go.

    end of.

  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks for sharing this account!

    First, well done to you for maintaining your humanity and decency by remaining friends ! Well done in not falling into the JW clone mindset and succumbing to their abusive and inappropriate behaviour!

    Now, as for meeting with them in an official meeting?

    DO NOT ATTEND! Can I be a little more clear? DO NOT ATTEND!

    You have stated your points already with the other 2 elders. You do NOT need to go into an environment that is already biased against you, and that has an outcome already chalked up.

    You owe NO EXPLANATION for your life to anyone.


    Yes, by all means, maintain your Dignity, Poise and Grace. Be polite, but do NOT get drawn into a conversation. Simply reply something like "Thanks, but I trust that you will respect appropriate boundaries. Take care, and have a lovely day"

    If they push the point, mildly repeat the same sentence.

    Sending you much love and support!

  • stuckinarut2

    Also, as has been wisely said on this forum by ones like DoC:

    "The best revenge is to live a happy and successful life"

  • cofty
    Do you have any suggestions for points i could bring forth under the judicial meeting

    I went to my JC. I was an ex-elder and I knew how the system works. I made my JCs life hellish. It was briefly satisfying. In retrospect it was pointless. Tell them to fuck off.

  • Finkelstein

    The only power they have is the power you give them and JWS elders are all about power .

    Don't go to a JC, you know they will sack you for apostasy. ..... remember that power thing

    Maybe tell them that under personal review you found the WTS to be a lying , devious and corrupt organization and you dont see how Jehovah could possibly pick this organization as his earthly chosen organization ( 1919) men may have picked god for their own subsequent means of power and control as leaders of a publishing house, but false Prophets would do that, even disregarding Jesus's own instructions for preaching his Gospel.

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