2024 when will Witnesses admit they are wrong???

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  • DesirousOfChange
    I'm curious if they will ever try to face their past. . . . At what point does the past become an albatross that they can no longer ignore? ~ Tonus

    It is not "THEIR' past. They (neither the current GB nor R&F) will ever own those past failures. The
    GB just want it to fade away. As for the R&F JW today, at least 50% are too young to recall the failure of 1975. They haven't even read about it -- because, (1) they don't read old literature; (2) they don't read apostate stuff; (3) they don't read.

    I heard a newly baptized JW answer in the WT Study that his Bible Study instructor explained for him that all those 1975 rumors he had heard about were FAKE NEWS (jk) or LIES that were being circulated by apostates. The WT/GB had NEVER made such statements. The WT Conductor let it pass without ANY kind of correction.

    Today, there is no emphasis on a date. It is just very soon - very, very soon. We are in the final minutes of the last day of The Last Days. Just look at HOW BAD THINGS ARE!! It must be ANY DAY NOW!

    In the next decade or so, many if not most of those who personally recall the 1975 prediction (made in 1966) will be dead, or dying, or too old to abandon the Cult anyway (sunk cost fallacy, as noted above).

    The JWs who have admitted it was wrong -- are mostly here.

  • WingCommander

    Totally agree with DesirousOfChange above.

    I'm 44. I was born in 1979, a full 4 years AFTER 1975. It was only whispered about when I was a child by the truly ancient then. Never mentioned from the podium - EVER! In reality, most of them are ALL dead, and if not - eventually woke the hell up and left!! I'm only knowledgeable because my parents had all of that old stuff, and also because I read alot and searched Yahoo! in 1999 with my questions and red flags.

  • Diogenesister
    Rattigan How are you calling 1914 wrong without replacing it with something that can be right?


    There are so many things that I can definitively say are wrong, yet not be able to give the correct answer.🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Ron.W.
    The JWs who have admitted it was wrong -- are mostly here.


  • Jeffro


    How are you calling 1914 wrong without replacing it with something that can be right?

    Fallacy: argument from ignorance, non sequitur. There isn’t anything ‘right’ to replace it with because the entire premise is faulty. Aside from that, it isn’t necessary to know an exact answer for something to know that a particular answer is wrong. For example, if I say the square root of 7636546745875348734744763673674 is 3, it isn’t necessary to know the correct answer to know that it isn’t 3.

  • DesirousOfChange

    How are you calling 1914 wrong without replacing it with something that can be right?

    I thought there was a lot of that going on at the Annual Meeting.

    We just do not know and cannot be dogmatic about it.

  • TonusOH

    It's a good point. If we are saying that they got the date wrong, then presumably there is a correct date. On the other hand, if we point out that it's bullshit, then there's no need to provide a different date. "It's bullshit" is the correction.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the watchtower can only survive with more bums on seats.

    So the religion needs to become more appealing--mostly to young growing families.

    Best let the whole armageddon thing go away--it paints jehovah in a bad light--all that mass killing any day soon thing.

    Concentrate on the concept of a resurrection....not the living forever nonsense.

    Let the blood issue fade away--eventually it will become deniable.

    DFing for non repentent sinners is ok---but for days rather than years.

    Baptism is optional--and in private. No one need see it.

    Witnessing needs to be up to the individual--with no form or records kept--no need for thsat.

    Local kingdom halls are finished--no need to meet --theres the internet for that. Assembly halls are a better idea--So circuits can use them most weekends. Just need one per 50,000 members. Just meet up once a year.

    Make membership a socially desirable thing--as opposed to public ridicule.

  • Vidiot
    Rattigan - “How are you calling 1914 wrong without replacing it with something that can be right?”

    Is there some rule that says it has to be replaced with anything?

  • Vidiot

    Re. stan livedeath‘s post…

    Sure, they can do all of that, and absolutely should, but where does that leave them?

    The kind of mainstream reform you’re describing basically eliminates all the unique things about the WTS that they held up as proof they had “The Truth”…

    …they’d be just another denomination among denominations.

    Take that line of thought to its inevitable conclusion, and the claim of “God’s Exclusive Earthly Organization” becomes essentially nonexistent.

    At that point, where’s the incentive for any rank-and-filer to stay?

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