2024 when will Witnesses admit they are wrong???

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  • DesirousOfChange

    I think some of Stan's suggestions are already happening, but some can never happen.

    Letting the blood issue fade away. They already forgive it if you just say you caved in to pressure and you're' sorry.

    Witnessing records go away. They have. No more reporting time.

    Be more appealing to young families. That's what the Mormons have done. They focus on family values vs their weird doctrine. Seems like WT follows the course of the Mormons on many things (like the cartoon kids). Clearly they are doing lots of video presentations for kids. But because of their DFing policy they are known more for "breaking up families". Expect that to change as pressure from various Governments prosecute them on that.

    Armageddon go away. Can't happen. That's their stick of the "carrot & stick".

    Make baptism optional. Can't see that happen. I think that is their "contract" that puts you under their control.

    Do away with Kingdom Halls. They have to have a place to serve the KoolAid and to have that "wholesome association" (though that is more at the Burger, Pizza & Beer joint following meetings). So, the sell off of excess inventory will continue and JWs will just have to drive farther -- which will be a test of their "spiritually".

    But those are some great ideas for the WT guys who read this to explore!!!!

  • Vidiot
    No empire-wannabe in history has ever stopped wanting to be.
  • Vidiot
    stan livedeath - “…the watchtower can only survive with more bums on seats…”

    Membership numbers are not the Org’s problem…

    …money is.

  • enoughisenough

    they are never wrong...it God who gives them the info that gets it wrong...they tell you they share what God gives when he gives it.

  • Varuaino

    WingCommander : 'Running ahead of Jah's chariot'

    An elder said that to me about the beard and that's the last time I went inside a KH

  • peacefulpete
    'Running ahead of Jah's chariot'

    You'd think Jah could afford a jet by now.

  • Balaamsass2

    What prophecy have they EVER gotten correct???? Name one! :)

    I love these old quotes. Great site. https://jwfacts.com/watchtower/1800s.php

  • skin

    Bro Lett at the recent special talk given from the Australasian branch mentioned the year 1975. I think it was in regards to keeping up with jehovahs organization and not holding on to old beliefs. Right at the beginning of this special talk we were told no audio recordings to be made, so I can't recall the fine details on why he used 1975.

  • TonusOH

    skin: Right at the beginning of this special talk we were told no audio recordings to be made

    I'm with them on that. The fewer people who hear whatever he had to say, the better.

  • fedup

    Phizzy: "It takes humility to admit you have been wrong all your life."

    Absolutely, I had to deal with this when I left 20+ years ago. How could I have been fooled all those years? All that time wasted preaching, teaching, pioneering, eldership, attending all meetings, the assemblies, travelling to conventions, accepting discipline and talks from total imbeciles, etc

    All this for nothing, no way, It has to be the TRUTH. It was really tough to admit I was wrong and Quit.

    I wasn't supposed to see my 13th birthday when 1975 hit, was terrified everyday that year that I would be destroyed, and here we are it's 2024.

    I wish there was an easier way to get through to many of my old friends and family that still won't leave.

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