Please how do someone become an Anointed Christian in Watchtower Organization.

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  • bola

    Please how do someone become an Anointed Christian in Watchtower Organization. I informed my elders in my congo that I am an Anointed Christian.

  • Diogenesister

    You just partake of the emblems at the lord's evening meal or what watchtower calls the memorial. Nuff said. If you're baptised they have to suck it up 😜

  • Jeffro

    Since there is no rational basis for anyone claiming they are anointed, you just indicate that you profess to be anointed by eating the bread and drinking the wine at the memorial, but you should already know that if you are a JW in good standing. If you are a new member, you will probably get a stern word from the elders afterwards. Even if you are in good standing, people in your congregation probably won’t believe you are anointed, since they are told that claiming to be anointed could be a result of emotional problems or mental imbalance, and only the ‘governing body’ and other high-ranking corporate members are ever definitively recognised as ‘anointed’. Claiming to be anointed will not give you any authority in the organisation.

  • Overrated

    You just decide your anointed and start partaking during the yearly event.

  • asp59

    You just know that you are. Sometimes is good to ask close friend or hospital about ones mental health. But it's something between you and God really. It can not be 'proved'. Jesus apostles were all anointed, even if some of them hade ' complicated' personalities.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i think you have to get your penis amputated.

  • Rocketman123

    Bola sorry guy but your not, for the bible says the anointed 144,000 have already been chosen, they had to be virginal males also.

    Thats if you want to devoutly adhere to bible scripture but the sinning (Apostate) GB men who run the Watchtower Corporation (JWorg.) say things opposed to the bible.

  • bola


    I am a virgin. I reported an elder in my congo. I reported the testimony to my congo service overseer. I got my testimony through my dreams. After the elders investigated my reports about the report I said, it was through my dreams, they have been proved to be true. So I told my body of elders in my congo that I have received the heavenly call. I told them that Jehovah revealed the elder's sins to me. So I told them that Jehovah God Anointed me.

  • Bobcat

    Hi Bola,

    I suggest being careful about what you tell your elders about this.

    Jesus indicated that being "born from above" was a basic concept of being one of his disciples. (Jn 3:3-5) Jesus chided Nicodemus for not understanding this. (Jn 3:9-10) The reason he chided him was that the giving of the spirit was foretold to be a part of a new covenant. (Ezek 36:26-27) Nicodemus, as a teacher in Israel, should have expected this turn of events.

    The WT teaches that only the 144,000 are anointed with spirit. But the two passages about the 144,000 (Rev 7:1-8 & 14:1-5) say nothing about this. WT teaching on this matter is a contradiction to basic Christian teaching as presented in the NT. And as one of the posters above pointed out, WT teaching on this is more related to WT's authority over its followers. Silencing you might be the easiest way for them to solve the possible problem you present to them. (Compare Jn 11:47-48)

    So the problem you may face is that your new found realization might contradict current WT teaching. Depending on your elders and CO, putting you out may be the easiest way for them to solve the possible problems your view presents.

    Since you can't prove you have been "born from above" (other than scripturally - Acts 2:38-39), and they can't disprove it, it might be best to leave your understanding to yourself. They will assume that you are claiming to be anointed when you partake at the Memorial. They will even say that YOU are claiming that when you partake. But they are assuming that you accept all their teachings about the topic. If you don't want to become controversial to them you might want to leave the matter as something you understand, but something they can take it or leave it if they question you about it.

  • Maria Nieves
    Maria Nieves
    Sounds to me like you are not anointed. From what I know about being anointed, is that a person has always known that they are anointed. Being anointed is not something that happens overnight. You are born being anointed and have always known that you are anointed.
    However, why is it that you want the congregation to see you as anointed? Is it that you are seeking status? Do you want to feel above or superior to others in the congregation? Do you want others to see you in a certain way and to treat you a certain way?
    What I am getting at is, I don’t understand the reason why you so desperately want the congregation to acknowledge you as being anointed?
    Sounds to me like what is happening in your congregation is gossip. After all, if one has sinned, it is up to Jehovah to address the matter. Jehovah is the ultimate vindicator and not men. So, why should you care about another person’s sin especially if it is one that does not involve or affect you?

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