Please how do someone become an Anointed Christian in Watchtower Organization.

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  • EverApostate

    Anointed means Jehovahs has immersed you with his Holy spirit, as per Watchtower

    ANd then why in the World would you come to this apostate site asking for Guidance. Wont that Holy spirit help ?

  • dozy

    The "anointing" of JWs has always interested me and puzzled me , really. Unlike most Christian religions , where profession and personal testimony of such an experience is encouraged and even expected , in JW circles , it is roundly discouraged - even mocked by the leadership ( and the source of much negative gossip in the congregation ). An "anointed" elder in a neighbouring congregation was unofficially banned from giving talks in our Kingdom Hall because he tended to "go on about it" in his talks and comments.

    The whole JW ethos is to supposedly to build a strong relationship with God ( which in reality is a strong affiliation and devotion to the Org ) but within limitations. Its an odd concept- and I would imagine , pretty unique. I'm guessing that emotions are involved - perhaps some kind of mechanism similar to that which Derren Brown describes in his video is going on and people associate the trigger event with being anointed.

  • minimus


  • minimus

    I don’t understand why you feed this troll. Once again this site is great because you can read what the troll says and try to help him. But you should realize that this troll is having fun.

  • Overrated
    • This guy wants to be anointed so everyone kisses his asses at the zoom meetings. Have everyone fall over themselves because he is special. Sounds like mental problems to me.
  • Rattigan350

    Jeffro. What I said was totally true.

    "When a person was anointed with oil, the oil was put on his head and allowed to run down on his beard and onto the collar of his garments. (Ps 133:2) During the times of Biblical history, both the Hebrews and some of the non-Hebrews ceremonially anointed rulers. This constituted the confirmation of their official appointment to office. Samuel anointed Saul as king after God had designated Saul as his choice. (1Sa 10:1) David was anointed as king on three different occasions: once by Samuel, later by the men of Judah, and finally by all the tribes. (1Sa 16:13; 2Sa 2:4; 5:3) Aaron was anointed after his appointment to the office of high priest."

    That was the type. The antitype became, rather than oil, the holy spirit was the anointing substance. Jesus was anointed by holy spirit to be king and priest. Then the 144,000 were anointed by holy spirit. All have been chosen a generation ago. (a generation is about 20-30 years)

  • WokenfromJWcult

    I suggest just go to another organization,say seek out a Baptist missionary who go to the Congo ever since Lottie Moon went 100 years ago. They will baptize you with just a simple repent and turnaround and wallah! You are a part of the annointed! Forget what the Washtower has taught you, it’s a mans religion, which will keep you in circles chasing a resurrection that will not happen in this generation or the next.

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