Please how do someone become an Anointed Christian in Watchtower Organization.

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  • Rocketman123

    Well folks just a month ago he said he just got reinstated.

    I think this guy is nuts or playing a trolling joke on everyone here.

    I need some assistance here please

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  • Rocketman123

    Sorry Bola but you must realize the JWS religion is an agreement to a state of delusion but you are being too over the top delusion even for them.

    Expect to be DA soon.

  • jwundubbed

    My mother experienced having an epiphany and seeing a light over 45 years ago. Then she started partaking. I have a cousin who saw light in her middle age and began partaking. It's a calling. Many people in many religions have callings. Many people in the world have callings regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs. A calling cannot be questioned by other people. People will question. They will have opinions they feel they have to tell you. But a calling isn't like a desire. It is more like a need. It is a certainty that you have been called to a specific type of service. So, you partake. You do not need to tell anyone ahead of time. You do not need to ask anyone's permission. And when people question your motives, as they will do, you do not need to reassure them. Your calling is your calling. It does not require anyone else's understanding, nor permission to be your calling.

    Having said this, a 'calling' is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. Partaking of the bread and the wine on Memorial is a serious ritual and tradition among the Jehovah's Witnesses and regardless of my own personal feelings about the JWs, I think that any tradition or ritual that has great value to any group of people should be treated with respect. While I am willing to admit that I would be willing to partake in order to make a statement of defiance against the Watchtower or against, I would not advocate partaking on a whim, as a prank, nor just to try it out. Have some respect for the people that hold this tradition/ritual in high regard.

    Having known someone who was 'anointed' all my life, I can honestly say that I wouldn't wish that status on my worst enemy. It isn't a good status among the JWs. No one with that calling is taken seriously. Women with that calling are treated even more poorly than women without that calling. Even the few elders that I knew with that status were treated like they were loony-toons. No one took them seriously. If you have to have a calling, I sincerely hope that you have a calling to leave the JWs, or to go help people who will thank you for the help you offer. Be a firefighter or a teacher. I mean, if you have to have a calling... try for one of those. If you have to have a calling where you are a slave to humanity... consider being a trashman or a janitor. You will get more respect in those fields than as an anointed member of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Eat the bread, drink the wine. The more bread you eat, and the more wine you drink, the more anointed-er you are. Be sure you go to the memorial with an empty stomach! Better yet, bring some unleavened bread and wine of your own so you don't have to depend on the cheapskates at your congregation to supply enough to suit you.

    Bola, are you a baptized JW? If so, for how many years have you been a baptized JW?

    How is it that after all this time as a baptized JW, you do not know the answer to this most basic question?

    I think you are a FRAUD, and I could not blame your elders if they thought you were a FRAUD also.

    Maybe you should try MENSA or the FREEMASONS or the JEDI KNIGHTS.

  • Jeffro

    You know you’re on shaky ground when even the organisation promoting the belief in being ‘anointed’ says such a claim may be a result of emotional problems or mental imbalance.

  • Jeffro

    Nathan Natas:

    How is it that after all this time as a baptized JW, you do not know the answer to this most basic question?

    He may well be a fraud, or this could be what the ‘wonderful growth’ of JWs is like in parts of Africa. Lower standards to grow the membership?

  • Jeffro


    I want to partake of the emblems at the Memorial next year. Should I partake of it?

    It’s a superstitious ritual, and you don’t seem to meet the standards of what JWs would generally consider to be one of the ‘anointed’. It won’t give you any authority or respect in the congregation or the broader organisation, and congregation members may call into question your mental state. But do whatever makes you feel happy I guess.

  • Rattigan350

    Being anointed by God is not related to partaking of the memorial. Being anointed means one is anointed by the holy spirit. As the the OP, he is not anointed.

  • Jeffro


    Being anointed means one is anointed by the holy spirit.

    There’s no reason to believe that any part of that statement, even setting aside the pointless circular reference, has any basis in reality.

  • vienne

    bola is either a troll or very stupid or in need of mental health counseling.

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