Out of the world, into the Truth

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    One bad decision after another. Will you ever grow up?

    Out of the world into the cult that will keep you and treat you like a child.

  • scratchme1010

    I urge all of you to focus on your personal relationships with Jehovah.

    More nonsense.

    Don't let anything (the earthly organization does or doesn't do) stumble you.

    Why are either of you here then?

    He who endures faithfully to the end is the one who will be saved.

    Please keep enduring all you want... just not in this forum.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Apairo, welcome to the site. Some members here will only criticise & ridicule you for having any kind of faith, while others will try to be constructive and sincerely demonstrate scripturally & factually how the WTBTS is not what it presents itself as - God's chosen organization.

    Do serious research into Biblical topics here before your baptism, because after you've done it you will soon discover that you have dedicated yourself to serving the WTBTS - not Jehovah.

    If you think I'm lying, ask an elder one or two questions after your next meeting and see what reaction you get. After you get baptised, you'll be punished for asking such questions.

    Try these two:

    1) Why does "the faithful slave" say that foreigners were only beneficiaries of the Law Covenant and not participants, when Deuteronomy 29:10-15 states clearly that they were?

    2) Why does "the faithful slave" say that the Catholic confessional is wrong, but J.W.'s are compelled to confess their sins to elders? Jesus never said anyone was to admit their sins to elders after being confronted by a witness. (Matthew 18:15-17)

    Don't walk into such a situation with your eyes and mind closed.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Upvote if y'all read this post looking like this:

  • tiki

    Your heart has been broken and you are yearning to heal. You have found a place where you feel safe...but be very careful....you are extremely emotional and feelings are overwhelming you. Be cautious...even a bit cynical. There is no giant magical mattress to fall on in life. You are in a honeymoon phase with a religion and stark reality will set in...you have to forge your own way in life and don't get overly dependent on anyone or anything. Wishing you happiness and peace!

  • scratchme1010
    Some members here will only criticise & ridicule you for having any kind of faith, while others will try to be constructive and sincerely demonstrate scripturally & factually how the WTBTS is not what it presents itself as - God's chosen organization

    Again, nonsense. Telling things the way they are is not attacking and ridiculing. She didn't come here to talk about her faith. She came here to tell others to follow her Jehovah crap because apparently she was ":saved" by it. I see no taking any responsibility for her own actions and blaming her poor decision making on "Satan", "the world", and anything and everything but her own irresponsible self.

    Some of us have no need, interest and DON'T HAVE to be educational, nor have to show her anything about their teachings. That is not an attack, that is showing facts and not engaging or buying into their Jehovah crap.

    It is disrespectful for people to come here to preach and tell others to go back to the Jehovah shit that many of us chose to walk away from for solid, good, educated and logical reasons.

    There are plenty of other places for people to go proselytize and try to gain converts. If she chooses to do it here (and obviously she has a history of making poor choices), then don't expect people to like it, welcome her Jehovah crap, or buy into the nonsense that we decided not to listen to.

    You can talk about your faith all you want, I will defend your right to do so. Don't expect all people to like it.

  • Diogenesister

    Scratchme 1010 the only thing I would say;add a caution if you like, is that this forum is called Jehovahs-Witnesses.net and folk may, and often have, assumed it is for practising Jehovahs Witnesses only. So she is not necessarily a troll.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    As is evident by the emotional range of the responses, many here have suffered hurtfully as a consequence of their association with the WTBorg Cult Inc. Many have had their "Faith" destroyed as a result of the fearful indoctrination and practices of the WTBorg Cult Inc. Many have turned to rejection of The Word and The Almighty One because the emotional pain inflicted by the WTBorg Cult Inc. was too much to bear.

    You, Apairo, are not able to recognize any flaws in the "organization" yet, but, it is almost certain that you will in due time. But, as you have discovered, there is indeed a Heavenly Father who hears and who offers help. He is impartial and will hear all who call out to Him no matter their religion or faith or any cult they may be immersed in. But, He does not deprive us of the ability to make choices freely. He does not prevent us from taking any path we may desire.

    Early on, the WTBorg Cult Inc. does seem to be precisely what they claim it to be. Only later, as life goes on and other problems are dealt with, does it become apparent that they are not what they claim. Their Fear Based Mind Control Indoctrination will in time destroy Faith in the Almighty One and His Son by requiring unquestioning obedience to The Organization and to the Governing Body. You will be made to become very afraid to think for yourself or to question anything that the Governing Body teach or publicize. You will be transformed into an idolator who worships The Organization while believing that you instead worship the Almighty One.

    Many here are still hurting. Many here regret their Baptism into the WTBorg Cult Inc. because they were deceived. If you continue your journey with the Jws the very sad reality is that you will not find true happiness. You will be changed into an "obedient slave" of The Organization, or else.

    Any who come to their senses and begin to realize The Truth About The Truth are "destroyed" by the militant policies and procedures of The Organization. That is why so many here seem to be very bitter.

  • rebel8

    You got yourself out of bad situations and improved your life. Yay you!

    Take a step back. Try to remove the emotion, what you want to believe and what you've been taught.

    Let me save you the work. Here is what you will inevitably conclude:

    • The Bible is a collection of works from many different individuals.
    • It does indeed contradict itself.
    • It does indeed endorse hate, violence, rape, and other sorts of nasty things--Greek and Hebrew scriptures alike. (You can find a list of citations at evilbible.com. Then look them up in the New World Translation.)
    • There is and never has been any evidence of the existence of any supernatural beings.
    • The most important things a human being can do are these 2 things: (1) Be a good person and contribute positively to society. (2) Live a life worth living. This includes using your brain and your whole self in good, fulfilling ways.
    • If Jehovah is worth worshiping, and one day he decides to make his existence known, he'll be so happy to find you enjoying the gift he gave you (life). If not, you still win!
  • Heartsafire

    I am happy for you in that you were able to leave a toxic relationship and work hard to achieve a measure of success in your life. No need to credit god with all of that. And yes, I do believe in god.

    Finding a group to support you and help you out is essential to overcoming the hardships as a single mother. Many churches have groups specifically for helping young moms get on their feet. I know, because this is how I found help in my darkest times. If you found emotional and physical support with the JWs then great. More power to you. Nobody here really wishes evil on anyone.

    Most people on this forum have had very bad experiences with the JW religion--horrific in fact--some suffering years of abuse at the hands of family, elders, and others associated with this faith. Which brings me to wondering why you would feel this forum is the proper place to praise such a religion seeing that many here use the forum as a sort of support group. I am further curious as to why a zealous sister such as yourself would be on a forum such as this one unless you yourself were harboring doubts of some kind. Let me advise that you would do well to listen to your inner voice that sends red flags when a situation doesn't seem quite right. I speak from experience here, and it could save you years of heartache. Think about it, you are smarter than you realize.

    Also, I wish you all the best. Many people make a go of the JW religion and do great, are happy, and all that jazz. It isn't for me. It isn't for most people. And, you should respect that most people don't and won't think like you or believe like you. Also, do not seek to persecute others for their beliefs contrary to yours. It is at the hands of JWs that I have experienced the most ridicule in life. I can only think that it is due to the fact that I am a Christian, and Jesus told us that we would be persecuted on account of his name.

    Sorry, but I don't check my account often enough to bother with responses, but I just thought if you wanted to post here, you obviously expected feedback, so here is my two cents.

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