What Really Happened (Back Then) With The False Teaching Of 1975 Among Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • NotFormer

    "Jehovah's Witnesses Are A Cult . . . Pure & Simple!"

    So any group that claims that JW doctrine is correct, you just need a different leadership, is also a cult? 🤔

  • 1975JWExpert


    No, I didn't say that. (I'm kind of doing this in case some current JWs are reading this particular post, mind you.)

    Here is what the JWs presently teach correctly: http://www.yorww.com/basics.html

    Here is a sample what the JWs currently teach incorrectly (but not all false teachings of JWs are shown here): https://www.yorww.com/scubadiving.htm

    All Current Elder-Leadership among JWs will be forever wiped out, meaning they are permanently demoted and rendered to Permanent Ministerial Servant status, only if they are finally found repentant in God Eyes, in the end . This is because of their United Nations NGO Secret DPI Affiliation of 1991-2001, a clear violation of James 4:4 . . . which is by the way even today, still going on in slight, hidden ways. (See the Divinely Prescribed punishment shown for this Sin/Transgression at Ezekiel 44:12-14.)

    See also in depth link on United Nation NGO Situation: http://yorww.com/disgustingthing.htm

    . . . hope this helps.

  • Balaamsass2

    I knew a former C.O./Gilead grad who quit his job and sold his home in 1972 to "retire" to the Mountains. By 1978 he had blown all his money. Found himself unemployed, divorced, and broke. His wife drank herself to death. He moved back to the city and begged for his old job back.

    I knew some others who ran up credit cards pre-75 because " the bible said we will be throwing our money in the streets" and the banks will be destroyed. Expecting to never have to pay off the debt, they blew every available cent on sea cruises, cloths, and cars. 1979.....Ooopsie....

    A few local elders quit and left Watchtower around 1978-1979.

    One hall I was sent to most of the elders went inactive in 1979.

  • moomanchu

    Imagine if armageddon did happen in 1975.

    Would the GB be saying:

    "You know we were right about 1975, but really we weren't doing anythig extra or trying to create any expectations for it."


  • Gorb

    Some family members did have a holiday to Spain in 1975. Many talked negative about this lack of believe in the GB.

    With hind sight now, how was this all possible?


  • Rattigan350

    Back then they believed that the creative days were 7000 years long and 1975 was the end of the 6000 years and then the 1000 years would start.

    It's not a false prophesy because it was not a prophesy. It was a misinterpretation of the term 'days' in Gen 1.

    But then so many people misunderstand what that means

  • ThomasMore

    WTC has long stated that they do not “interpret” prophesy - they simply explain it. It sounds like double talk because it is. They have been explaining it incorrectly for 145 years. Maybe it’s time to admit that they create more confusion than enlightenment.

  • Rattigan350

    Why are people relying on them? Make your own interpretations.

  • LongHairGal


    What if people did make their own interpretations?

    How would this go over with ‘they who must be obeyed’?🤣

  • NotFormer

    "Make your own interpretations."

    You'd argue with our interpretations.

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