The Watchtower Tract Society doesn't print Bibles?

by Nathan Natas 40 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Caminante

    The revised New World Translation and even some languages where their translation of the 1984 NWT (bi12) is being bound with similar gray deluxe covers are printed in-house at Wallkill, New York, and Ebina, Japan. Christian Greek Scriptures are printed as softcover books at any of the organization's printing branches.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    They should have eased away from the printing for profit back in the 80's but these dumb bastards kept on looking for the end to come thinking that they really were the only ones that would be saved. The most funny thing is that these carts are always seen in front of libraries around here, advertising their utter infantile bull shit for the public to see who are going to the library to learn something, I think the that with GB stand against higher education that this would be the last place to position these stupid ass carts.

    With all these Child Abuse lawsuit against them why are they still sending these poor people out to sell their bull shit when they have tanked all over the world as far as respectability nobody in their right mind wants to read their sappy shit. Written by a bunch of close minded saps. They have got just about most dumbed down writers that free room and board with a very small monthly allowance can get.

  • Diogenesister

    Blonde did you ever think about doing your watchtower reviews online ie you tube? You could simply show pictures and do a voice over. I think people would really enjoy it. Or even as a podcast?

  • Diogenesister

    In the UK most witnesses would be more than willing to obtain you a Bible and/ or magazines. Not sure how easy it would be to obtain a paper copy of the study edition, though. You’d have to download that from

  • blondie

    Dio, I lack the expertise to do it and don't know anyone in my area that could help me. It would consume some time and I have been trying to downsize my time. I still post here, but most of my posts are shorter. Thanks for the support; I have been thinking about it, but there are so much other sites online and I think some like the sensationalism. I have POMI jw friend who reads them all and takes all as gospel without researching them. I spend about a hour a week with this person undoing all the wild things he believes. I wish he would come here and get a better slant on it.

    Thanks again for the support that I could do something like that.

  • blondie


  • pepperheart

    I have had two jw bibles from the carts over the years

  • blondie

    Bibles are high ticket items to print and since jws no longer have pay up for them individually, used indiscreetly per the WTS. I wonder if they stock or give out bibles at the carts now or point them to the online jw site?

  • VIII

    Wish I had kept the one I was sent a few years ago. I threw it out upon arrival. Now it's worth something. Who knew?

  • pale.emperor

    I smoked my bible after I'd left. Used it to roll joints (it was a poor smoke).

    WT also had rights to the Emphatic Diaglott. I think they'd still support this as it about the only basis for their translation of John 1:1.

    I bought a copy from the Christadelphians from their website. A snip at £5!

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