The Watchtower Tract Society doesn't print Bibles?

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  • blondie

    LV101, you know you can go on the WOL on and print out the WT magazines

  • LV101

    Thanks/appreciate, blondie. I'm so glad you're back on here and posting -- I gave up trying to keep up with your WT reviews but loved them.

    Hope I don't have to register to go on the website or get brainwashed/lol.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    I always thought it was a hoot that the Byington Bible translated John 1:1 as "the Word was God."

    Don't you know that you can read the Byington Bible aka The Bible In Living English directly from the WT website?

    Here's the link for you to do so.[search_id]=bcc5a855-3875-409b-ac74-e9b360df452b&insight[search_result_index]=1

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    In fact anyone can read the Bibles the WT Society promote directly from their website online.

    Here's the link to it.

  • LV101

    I didn't know -- thx appreciate and that avoids ordering the last one in stock on Amazon. Been long time since I've peered into any Bible but I did order a couple different versions few yrs. ago. Guess I was used to the NWT and the goofy translation - don't want anything to make too much sense

  • careful

    SBF, it was a bit over a year ago. NN, yes it was in the USA. I have seen many carts, in California, Texas, Colorado, New England and the Midwest, both in large cities/suburbs and small rural areas. I have also been in places where there have been none.

  • blondie

    Carts are probably everywhere at least where there is a large enough population and the rules/laws regarding this don't create a hassle. I have seen some comments that carts are put in areas with little foot traffic, usually smaller towns who might want to get in on the cart work. I understand that the congregation has to buy/fund the cart from their own money and they are not cheap, a few thousand dollars each (correct me if my memory fails me). So there are a few reasons why in a few areas carts might not have been seen. They are uptown in my area where there is a steady stream of people on the street all during the day and on some evenings. I don't go down in that area much but my husband has seen them set up and the drones manning/womaning them.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    A cart costs " a few thousand dollars each".....seriously ?

  • blondie

    Cart costs may not be what congregations pay, that is why I am asking for verification from a reliable source. Whatever costs there are the congregations pay. So if anyone out there knows for sure one way or the other, please let me know. I am searching old posts to see if I picked it from JWN or somewhere else. Not info to be passed on as gospel, if you get my drift.

    The BoE of May 1st 2014 said
    6. Requesting public witnessing equipment: The Congregation Service Committee will determine the equipment to be requested and where it will be stored. Public witnessing equipment can be requested in the same way publications are requested. We are pleased to provide a document entitled Public Witnessing Supplies (S-80) that contains sample pictures and descriptions of stand-ard carts, stands, tables, and kiosks. The equipment will remain the property of the congregation. Care should be taken to request only equipment that will be put to good use by publishers who have been trained in its use. The congregation may be informed that the cost of these carts will be covered by their contributions to the worldwide work.

    In the UK the posters for use on the trolleys cost about £20 every one or two months.


    The carts are bought and paid for by the congregations.

    The carts are in all probability made by an Org-sanctioned, Witness owned company, who will show their "appreciation" to the Org for putting business their way.

    The carts apparently have to have public liability insurance - paid for by the publishers themselves. I can imagine that in future (if not already) these insurance premiums will be like KH insurance premiums - paid to the Org.

    Wannaexit (she is reliable, but no written confirmation, does anyone currently going and/or an elder confirm?)

    I heard recently that a few carts have cost the congregation $800.00 Canadian. Another money making business

  • jp1692

    In the last couple of years, I have personally seen JW carts in diverse locations including: Budapest, Hungary; Bordeaux, France; and in several towns in both Northern and Southern California, U.S.A.—from Sonoma to Santa Barbara.

    In every case, the people just walk by ignoring the JWs as if they’re invisible.

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