The Watchtower Tract Society doesn't print Bibles?

by Nathan Natas 40 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    After reading a few comments here, I thought it was time for me to get a copy of "The Silver Sword" for my own occasional research and occult practices.

    So I thought I would see if JW.ORG would offer a way that I could PURCHASE a PRINTED COPY (not digital) of The New World Translation. As I browsed, it occurred to me that I might also like to have a copy of the... what was it? the Byington Bible. The translation that the WTS (Watchtower Tract Society) bough so they could suppress it.

    I was really surprised to discover that NO bibles of any version are available in printed Form!

    Of course all of the so-called "Bible study aids" are available in printed form, but no Bibles!

    I find this remarkable, but as time passes I find myself more and more easily amazed.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hey, if any of you are still "active" and would like to sell me a couple of Bibles, I would be happy to do a transaction with you. Your identity will be protected by me and I have a "dead drop" I can use to protect my identity.

    - Mr. Shizzle Beefbroth

  • blondie

    So the WTS assumes that everyone can access the WTS to see the new RNWT and has a laptop or PC hooked up to a printer? Or that the congregations in your area have hard copies of the RNWT still on hand? Does that mean current jws also have no access to a printed RNWT? What about the cost of printing a RNWT or the Byington bible from the WTS website? Like in library that charges 10 cents per page?

    What about the many jws in countries with not the extensive access online to the site?

    What is someone at the door or a person studying with a jw wants a RNWT, are they told to go online (see first paragraph)? The WTS actually had printing rights to the Byington bible, if so, is it possible for someone else to print the Byington bible?

  • DesirousOfChange

    The Byington Bible was called "The Bible in Living English". Been away too long to know if they still make this available.

    WT also had rights to the Emphatic Diaglott. I think they'd still support this as it about the only basis for their translation of John 1:1.

  • Phizzy

    I have seen JW's in Cart work clutching their Bible, how do they get hold of a Print version ?

  • LV101

    I bought one off of eBay shortly after they were released.

  • LV101

    Nathan -- go on ebay and type in search bar "New World Translation" and voila -- one pops up for $7.95 and it indicates it's 'New'. Seems like very reasonable price.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Right after I posted the opening message, I did as LV101 suggested and went onto, where I found both the RNWT and The Bible In Living English in gently (I hope!) used condition, but at prices somewhat higher than I had hoped; just under $47 for both. YIKES!

    It occurs to me that an enterprising "minister of the Word of God" could easily corner the admittedly small market in PRINTED Watchtower bibles by offering NEW, UNUSED copies at reasonable prices, plus shipping. In the USA "Priority Mail" is a FAST and cost-effective option for those who don't mind spending a bit more to get their parcel in less than 4 days, coast-to-coast. For those on a tight budget, the old "Book Rate" - now called "Media Mail" - is still available. Yes, it IS slow, but at least it is not fast, and any messy time-displacement paradoxes will be totally avoided!

    (Personally, I HATE book rate, though Benjamin Franklin might find his head spinning at the very idea of coast-to-coast in a mere eternity, but Ben's headbone ain't anchored as firmly as it once was.)

  • TexWiller

    Hello Nathan Natas,

    my friend MacHislopp told me bnout your request.

    Could you send me a pm and we'll see how to help

    you with a copy of the "silver "bible.


    T.W. and JC MacHisopp (...slowly, slowly recovering)

  • careful

    I walked up to one of the carts and asked for one. They produced it and I went on my way with it. It wasn't difficult at all. I even carried on a conversation with the sisters for a minute or two about the revision. I didn't want to stick around and make them think I was "an interested person." The whole experience was quick, easy, and pleasant, considerably more so than going on eBay—cheaper too!

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