'covid isnt real'

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  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    I never had much interest in social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) perhaps because I belong to one of the older generations instead of a young one, and also because I am much more interested in contemplation (and reading educational books in print) than I am in socializing. I had extended basic cable TV when it was included with my apartment, but when the USA switched broadcast TV service to digital only the apartment complex stopped including cable service in the apartment rental package. I am unwilling to pay for cable Tv service since I basically only watched a few cable stations anyway (CNN, CNBC, Discovery, History, and SciFi).

    I get most of my news from reading news articles online (primarily via the Google https://news.google.com/ site) from traditional news sources; I don't bother watching many online news videos since I rather read a transcript of the news instead.

  • MeanMrMustard
    The payback is economies slowly returning and government issued benefits that will have to be repaid. (taxes)

    As if the economy is some external nebulous thing sitting "over there". The economy is us. Businesses, mostly small, have been decimated, each one representing the life work and investment of someone. The government was (and still is) picking winners and losers.

    The money printing represents a tax - the value of the money has been ciphened away, and a small percentage of that value is given back in "benefits". And to repay it? Give me a break - that has and never will occur.

    The virus may be over but there is going to be lingering consequences.

    It's not. It will evolve. It already has. At some point we need to have the adult conversation about risk.

    You really cant fault the governments for doing what they did, it was in good intentions.

    I can, and I do. The risk was unknown for about a 4 week period. Anything after that was fear porn and a power grab. And probably used as an opportunity to advance political power as a means to promote economic philosophy.

    At least we can say we will be more prepared for the next pandemic virus that comes around and I hope it doesn't in are lifetime.

    Too late.
  • minimus

    Obviously Covid is real.

  • Phizzy

    " Obviously Covid is real." Yes!

    But people in this "Post Truth" World would rather believe nit-wits on the Internet than those who really know what they are talking about.

    Some are even still denying it is real with literally their dying breath, saying to medical Staff that are caring for them. " I cannot be dying from Covid, it isn't real" , how dumb is that ?

    They are probably ones who fell for the Anti-vaxx message too, well, it shows the danger of being either too lazy, or too stupid to check Facts and Evidence, to not do so properly can be Lethal !

  • LV101

    Renown virologists including pro-vaccination scientists such as Dr. Yeadon for one indicate it is not a vaccination. More info is surfacing with facts the past week but virologists/immunologists have been trying to reach the masses with critical information other than what is deleted on social media - FB, twitter. Twitter has some of this info last week - amazing.

  • Jeffro

    Anony Mous:

    The best states in regards COVID cases are still red states with better access to healthcare, vaccines and fewer lockdowns.

    Um… what colour is Florida?

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