What Happens To You When You Die?

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  • talesin

    I have to say (off-topic, but for the sake of showing that yes, I have an open mind), that in the spirit of intellectual honesty, I do wonder about 'the collective consciousness'. Lots of anecdotal evidence, and it's a valid 'why' question. Do I believe in it? No. It's a possibility, as well as alternate forms of communication (ie, through thoughts). Is there scientific proof? No. There is scientific research being conducted, though, and whether that is our next level of evolution (thought communication) remains to be (seen) proved. xx

  • notsurewheretogo

    Evidence suggests that when you die you cease to exist...just like before you were born.

    The fact that a) no-one has come back from the dead or b) there is any tangible, reliable proof of any supernatural existence forces us to conclude the state of the dead.

    Whether we choose to accept that or "believe" in something more is up to each of us but it will never be based on evidence...thus the real answer is "we don't know".

  • NVR2L8
    I have accepted the fact that I will grow old and die...anything else such as life after death or even the existence of god is pure speculation. Sadly I put faith for much too long in such beliefs which I now see a a figment of men's imagination and superstitions.
  • Sabin

    What about the Akashic Records, the belief that each person leaves behind an indelible record of themselves impressed- upon sub-atomic material & that this record can be accessed if one has the ability to tune in at that particular vibrational level.

  • Heaven

    Our physical bodies help to perpetuate life on this planet by nourishing other living beings here on Earth, particularly soil dwelling organisms if we are buried. If our bodies or ashes fall upon the Earth, then they nourish above ground organisms/species as well.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I buy into the "lights out" concept.

    However, it'd be cool if something else was true, let's say, that we would reincarnate in another life form depending on how we behaved with our current life form.

    For example, that a sexist/racist shall reincarnate into a minority/woman, living in deplorable circumstances; or, that an animal abuser reincarnated in animal form; or Donald Trump reincarnated into a poor Latina trying by all means to make it to the USA in order to provide a better life for her relatives back home.

    That'd be sooooooo cool! As you all know, daydreaming is one of my specialties.


  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Evidence suggests that when you die you cease to exist...just like before you were born.

    I know of no evidence to support the notion that when one dies he or she ceases to exist, nor is there any evidence, as yet, that we did or didn't exist before our births. With most people it's an article of faith -- a belief. One can state their beliefs one way or the other.

    The paranormal shows on TV are Total Bullshit.

    And how does one know this?

    In the Bible Belt there's a bumper sticker that goes: "The Bible Says It, I Believe It, And that Settles It!"

    To say one believes these shows to be total bullshit is different from saying they are total bullshit. Where Christians stick in that part about the Bible, if one simply snips that out and says, "I believe it and that settles it" how is that any different than a diehard JW saying that evolution is total bullshit?

    The next logical question is, "How do you know??"

    Cofty, you're like the atheist version of what you hate so much in Bible thumpers. Put a label on something, call it a name and hit the "Post Reply" button! For one thing, I doubt you really want to know whether these depictions are true or not. And if you found out that such things are true, I also doubt you'd be intellectually honest enough to admit it.

    How does a disembodied "spirit" [grab someone]? How can a spirit pass through solid objects and catch solid objects? If it interacts with material objects then it could be detected and measured. Except it can't.

    You assume that a spirit is completely ethereal and cannot touch or be touched. Also, you assume that a spirit is not matter. Actually, there are numerous reports of people feeling hands touching them in spiritual encounters. Some believe that spirit is matter, just more refined. In many near death experiences, people say that the spirit world is not at all ethereal, but is every bit as real as our own. Our perceptions are heightened, but there are colors; people and animals have the same 3D appearance we do here. Sounds are every bit as real and when people touch, it feels much the same as it does here. A number expressed surprise that things were as substantial there as here, and that there are buildings, roads (though different than here). There are no conveyances as we know them here nor is there a central source of light, as all things exude their own light. No one can approve these accounts are true, but they're very consistent.

  • Vanderhoven7
    Biblically, you rest in peace until the resurrection....and hopefully rise in the resurrection of the justified.
  • cofty
    Some believe that spirit is matter, just more refined - Coldsteel

    Talking to a fundie christian is like playing tennis without a net.

    Talking to a Mormon is like playing tennis without a net or lines.

    You just make shit up as you go along and pretend you are presenting evidence for something.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Talking to a Mormon is like playing tennis without a net or lines. You just make shit up as you go along and pretend you are presenting evidence for something.

    Every time I discuss anything with you, Cofty, I come away wondering how old you are. The way you substitute labeling and name calling for thought and discussion should be shameful to you, but it doesn't appear to be the case. A critic of William Jennings Bryan once remarked that one could sail a schooner through his arguments and never once brush up against a fact. This applies to you, sir, in spades. You seem incapable of discussion, yet you inexplicably bore people to tears 😢 about the theory of evolution. Why you feel compelled to use facts to defend it, and yet dismiss everything else with only one or two lines of insults, is fascinating.

    Perhaps next year in school they'll teach you about research and footnotes.

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