Another mass shooting, three or four hours ago.

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  • freemindfade

    Youre right. Its a huge biased conspiracy. I hate the race of Muslims. Oh wait. That's not a race. It's an outdated set of dark age ideas. I am biased against Islam and more people should have the balls to say it. It's a religion people! And not a very good one!! Wake up.

    Im not biased however against anyone's race as you seem to be. And I am not biased against someone for simply owning a gun if they are not using it to harm others.

    When you say this.

    Wethersfield it is an angry white police officer or an angry white ptsd serviceman or an angry white Christian civilian the odds are far greater.

    You bashing an entire race dude.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    You don't get it. He has to get the last word in. His Internet-cred is at stake.
  • flipper

    JFChrist. This is what happens here in the US.

    We divide up and argue about shit - political parties, racist crap, gun control, etc.

    Meanwhile the assholes at the top of the food chain carry on business as usual.

    Bomb the shit out of civilians in countries that just coincidentally have oil.

    What ever happened to Iran-Contra? quickly forgotten.

    Wall St., no biggie. BP just got let off the hook for manslaughter, kind of like the cops shooting black kids (until that coverup was just blown in Chicago)

    This is the kind of crap that brings down civilizations. As the inequality gets worse and worse, the top gets more arrogant and callous and the drone class gets more angry, hopeless and takes more risks. Look up studies on effects of inequality on society.

    Solution? Seems to be another cycle in history. Address the source of the problem when you can, meanwhile live carefully and always be observant of whats going on around you. Ain't no immediate solution.

    Yeah, I get bent out of shape. I need some effin' nerve medicine. Mrs. F

  • talesin
    Mrs F, IKR, it's what the powers-that-be want. Divide and conquer is the oldest tactic in the book. Keep the poor fighting among themselves about the crumbs, while they sneak in and steal us blind.

    People are so snowed, it ain't funny.
  • flipper

    Talesin, thank you - you said what I meant better and without all the blather. I do go on sometimes...

    It just makes me nuts to see how snowed people are.

    Mrs. F

  • talesin

    Y/W, and yeah, I hear you!

    : )

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Silent Buddha

    Yes, you are more likely to be killed by a Christian nut than by a Muslim nut. However, the Christian nut targets the enemy only (let's say abortion doctors). Muslim religious nuts target the enemy only too (the 78 % of the world population who is not a Muslim). I think there's a difference there.

    Also the U.S. government goes to great lengths to keep Muslims nuts from entering the country, but they can't do a thing about Christian nuts because they were born here. That's a fact that should not be ignored when comparing the violent trends of the two religious groups.

    Also, making comparisons in absolute numbers is misleading. Christians in the U.S. far outnumber Muslims. Whites also far outnumber blacks. Consider using percentages of respective groups. That will give us a better picture.

    I am not here to defend Christianity, which I dislike almost as much as Islam. I just want accuracy... and let the chips fall where they may

  • little_Socrates

    There are two facts at play here...

    First it seems as though so much of the craziness on the world stage is coming from Muslims.

    And secondly we all know most Muslims are not terrorists. They just want to live a peaceful life with a different culture and religion than our own.

    I will be honest here... It is very difficult to reconcile those two thoughts in my head. It is hard not to be biased against the whole religion. How do we tell the two groups apart?

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    When the Paris attacks happened I was disturbed at the amount of racist B.S. that came through onto my facebook feed from friends and relatives. Nothing too nasty, mainly just racist jokes. Not everyone but a few people surprised me.

    Acting like a racist idiot might make people feel better but acting like a racist idiot won't solve this problem or any other problem. Racism is the politics of lazy people.

    For some reason I thought about the Nazi's. They were a Christian group, formed in a Christian country and they even had their own religious slogan, 'God is with us'. Yet I have never heard anyone say that Christianity should be eradicated based on the actions of this largely 'Christian' group. What the Nazi's did to their fellow human beings make current events look like a picnic.

    Its all so, so sad.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    I've been waiting for more facts before I make a call on this one.

    In the meantime let's not jump to conclusions concerning Muslim fundamentalism being the motive although to me personally it does seem to be the case given the facts and circumstances thus far.

    In my opinion these two had not recieved any formal guerilla training, not even the basics. If they had, their bomb making skills would have been far more advanced but they were less than amateurs at it.

    It seems AK were used which had been purchased legally but not by the perps. Legal AKs are not full auto but are hands down the easiest of modern assualt rifles to convert to full auto, it can be don in minutes with a grinder or an hour with a file, you certainly don't need formal training to know how.

    The facts just arent clear enough yet to make a call. Ill wait before I offer up anything more.

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