Another mass shooting, three or four hours ago.

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  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake
    Billy blobber: Islam is not a race

    I'm glad we agree. Islam is a terrible religion and needs ridiculed and reasoned with. Apologists and Muslims that claim to be peaceful need shown that their faith is unreliable and that the religion is responsible for all interpretations of its book both good and bad.

    This is not racism, or islamaphobia. It's just true.

  • Billyblobber
    All Abrahamic religions are like that. Islam just happens to be socially behind in more instances because of where many of its adherents live/are from, geo-politically. All 3 of those religions need to be done away with because they create the same problems, to varying degrees.
  • freemindfade

    there are so many people that confuse Sikh people, or any brown people as Muslim in the U.S. means that there is some crossover in a lot of people's mind between "middle easterner" and "Muslim.

    That could be possible, I suppose some people who have lived in remote areas and not in among people of middle eastern decent wouldn't know the difference. I had lived in a neighborhood of mostly Egyptian, Palestinian, and Lebanese individuals. Now they were Muslim and christian and typically there was a stark difference. Also I have to say these people were incredibly hospitable and have amazing food (something I love :) ) and culture. An Egyptian christian in that community would not think twice before inviting a stranger into their home and feeding them and giving them tea, they really were kind and compassionate. Muslims... not very friendly in that neighborhood. And when you see women in head to two burka walking behind a man its not to hard to tell their religion.

    I have hired and known many muslim as well, I would call them moderates. I treated them as my dear friends and never with any bias. Doesn't mean I subscribe to their ideas anymore than I do Jehovah's Witnesses. I think JWs perpetuate dangerous ideas, I think the same of Islam. That is not Xenophobia. My favorite place on earth is New York City (and I am talking about the real nyc not the disneyland times square crap, im mean outer boroughs), the mixes of people and cultures make it one of the only places i would live in America. Being a xenophobe and living in NYC would be like being a homophobe and living on gay street in San Francisco lol. Doesn't really make sense.

    All 3 of those religions need to be done away with because they create the same problems, to varying degrees.

    I agree, but like I said earlier I don't believe every religion is created equal just as any political government is the same, some are in fact worse. Whatever hatred was fostered by the first two seems turned up a notch in the 3rd one. Commandments to beat your wife, commandments to torture, teachings of deceptions that could be compared to the way Georffery Jackson misleads others to protect the religions. Anyone ever heard of Taqiya? or how about Kitman? These are teachings of one particular religious group. Look them up.

    Even if you take the terrorism element away, the core teachings of Islam are very oppressive and damaging to its members. Much like the religion many here had escaped from.

  • Simon
    This whole site is about bashing one religion

    It isn't. People can criticize aspects of the religion but we're not here just bash anything and everything or to bash JWs just for being JWs.

    Some people want to do that and there are sites that specialize in it but usually common sense of the majority prevails and most people can tell the difference.

    When people have come on here expecting applause for some stunt against JWs they are rightly criticized by the community.

    As for Islam and race. Of course Islam is not a race ... but when people make comments about "goat f****rs" or "sand [whatever]* then it is obviously an excuse to spout rhetoric about certain ethnic types and isn't welcome here.

    Criticize Islam just like we criticize the WTS for the bad policies and the harm it causes. But whether any Muslim or JW is guilty of anything depends on what they actually do, not just the faith they belong to.

  • Diogenesister
    saw a stat that there have been 1.4 million Americans killed by guns since the late 60's. More deaths than Americans in all the wars.

    That stat is simply horrendous. I am speechless. That's got to be as bad as some war torn countries, surely. Gobsmaked.

  • sir82
  • freemindfade

    Simon having relations with farm animals happens all over the world

    can we really say that applies to one ethnicity?

  • silentbuddha

    People of all ethnicities wear headdress but when people say let's drop bombs on those "towelheads" as was mentioned in this thread people know exactly what is meant.

    Simon having relations with farm animals happens all over the world
    can we really say that applies to one ethnicity?
  • freemindfade

    Who said towelheads btw?

  • Simon

    I don't think the exact specific words matter as much as the sense that they portray.

    Whenever anything like this happens and people discuss and criticize Islam for the part it plays there will always be a small few who use it as an opportunity and excuse to express their prejudices or just don't know where to draw the line between people and the religion.

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