Another mass shooting, three or four hours ago.

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  • Simon

    Ah, all the nonsense arguments are coming out now.

    "Someone choked once, so are we going to ban food" (you can have that one on me)

    Cars serve a purpose - many more people interact with cars every day, their danger is far less than that of guns which are designed to kill (more than GM vehicles).

    People burying guns? Great - no one will be shooting them.

    Finally, if banning guns will make no difference at all ... then why shouldn't we ban guns? You don't think it will affect anything so nothing to be bothered about right?

    I saw a stat that there have been 1.4 million Americans killed by guns since the late 60's. More deaths than Americans in all the wars.

    Pretty shocking.

    But yeah, let's focus on doing nothing ... "America, fuck yeah !!"

  • freemindfade

    Well I think it's safe to say in the new age of terrorism shootings gun free zones are very vulnerable. I think this must be something contemplated by those who carry out these attacks.

  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake

    I believe what they need is better laws not out right bans.

    in America we once had prohibition, a period of time where alcohol was banned. It's what led to the rise of the mob and organized crime.

    if you ban guns it's only going to create an atmosphere where that can happen again IMO. The crimes being committed by people with guns are systemic of other issues in society - not the availability of guns.

    take this latest issue. What ultimately caused this shooting? It wasn't the gun, it was the ludicrous religion that for some reason is tolerated and protected in society that did this.

    The questions being asked are all wrong. It's not why aren't we banning guns, it's why aren't we dealing with religions that are divisive? Why aren't we doing better to provide jobs and fight unemployment and poverty?

    We definitely need better gun laws. But these shootings are not happening because people can get guns.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    freemindfade, using that chart is bad logic. The majority of cities throughout the world are going to have a ban on the public carrying of weapons even if citizens have the right to own any kind of weapon. On the religious side, those examples on the chart is biased by not including non-Muslim right wing shooters in the US. There's been several.

    I'm pro-gun by the way.

  • freemindfade

    I agree with everything you said there JD.

    If you are someone who knows many people who own firearms and treat them seriously and safely with no issues or were raised somewhere that everyone had guns but still violence and mass killings were unheard of. When you hear ban it's a little strange. Because you know that side. Are they necessary? Not really. But the accountability of the maniacs is minimized by blaming the tool. No one touches a gun and and an evil spirit of murder takes over them.

  • silentbuddha

    Freemindfade why not make a chart that points to angry white men killing people . Thre are far more instances of that taking place than the feeble chart you just put up. Would that be just as valid?

    After all the likelihood of getting killed by a white male Christian Extremist is far greater than getting killed by a muslim.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Jonathan Drake:

    "We definitely need better gun laws."

    California, where the recent shootings took place, has stringent gun laws. Even semi-autos with a fixed non-detachable 10 round magazine capacity are prohibited.

  • freemindfade

    Perhaps village idiot. But it looks so cool

    But really if you think about it why would these attackers not pick soft targets?

    And I think the abortion clinic shooter is a terrorist as well. But I will still say Islam is a far more volital religion. I see the Abrahamic religions like hep a b and c. They are all disease they are not equally as harmful. Islam is the worst and it's going to get worse in the coming days I believe.

    Want to ban something. Ban Islam.

    Keep drinking the liberal Islamic loving kool-aid silentbuddha

  • cappytan

    Spouting statistics isn't going to get anyone anywhere.

    "OMG! 1.4 million Americans have been murdered with guns since the 60's!"

    Murder was already illegal, wasn't it? Why were there murders when it was against the law?

  • freemindfade

    Cappy can we get some stats on these lol

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