Is The Watchtower Corporation Facing A Meltdown Of Confidence Among Its Members?

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  • ttdtt

    I do think that:

    A: They have PLENTY of money for quite a while.
    They have fooled all the US congregations to give them more money each month than they would ever have gotten by having mortgages repaid.
    They sold Brooklyn.
    They have cut most of their costs.

    B: They have a SOLID foundation of people who will believe NO MATTER WHAT.

    C: That said - recruitment is only coming from KIDS getting baptized.

    D: There is no way they can keep 8 million+ happy in the next 20 years as their promises continue to FAIL.

    I think that in the next 10 years you will start to see a contraction as the faitful die, young ones want no part of it, and the AMAZING CART WORK (why didn't jesus thing of that 2k years ago) reaps NO rewards.

  • LV101

    Morph - I get it and when initially reading the OP almost asked why/what etc. but 'reasoned' Brokeback was referencing previous post about the Watchtower study that had the followers turning in circles.

    I've been reading these 'hopeful' posts since the H20 site and I faced the brutal reality decades ago -- I don't like it but life carries on. They have enough moolah to pay off lawsuits for eternity. Money makes money and they've got the perfect business model. How does a company go broke when it's free money/labor. If a business fails under that plan there's no hope!

    I'll try to let go of my crash and burn passion but fantasies die very slow. Horrible religion and it's privileges in this country - I do appreciate safe ones and what they provide for the disadvantaged but I doubt it's what the hard working American donates via responsible charities.

  • LV101

    ttdtt -- Ahh, there's some great comments in this post -- good laughs and Jesus and a cart - LOL! There's an enterprising business idea for a carpenter.

    Young ones being baptized and stuck -- didn't the cult crooks try to encourage their young couples to be more prolific a decade or less ago? They were brainwashing against various birth control methods - unreal! They're emulating the Morman plan and hoping to breed their own so desperate! I think this was before they started pushing their little ones into the cesspool. Makes me sick.

  • eyeuse2badub

    In my personal experience I have 'unofficially' faded. I am a rare attender at meetings with no fs and I attend assemblies and conventions so that my wife will not have to be there by herself and answer a bunch of nosy questions from nosy jw's.

    Having been an elder for over 2 decades, most of the local brothers still have a fondness and a 'sort of respect' for me. I believe this respect is born out of the fact that I was many times a contrarian but I could back up my contrary view with the bible and/or statements published in the wt literature. Because of this many of my former very close jw friends still ask me questions about things when the borg comes up with their 'nu lite' bs. Many of these life long jw's are losing confidence in the wt and beginning to question some of the sh*t they see and hear. So, IMHO, yes the confidence level is sinking fast.

    just saying!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    It's true that they have plenty of money with the recent sale of property perhaps close to 2 billion liquid assets.

    But they have many decisive court battles in the works and it looks like they will have a full plate so that they have to pay for outside legal help and it looks like these cost will keep higher and higher. Russia grabbed all their property and assets there, and it looks like this may be only the first in a line of other countries doing the same. The congregations contributions are all down everywhere no doubt because of all the bad press they are getting on the internet that is easily available to any searcher.

    Only by a miracle can the Watchtower survive, no matter how much downsizing they do. Their power over their members is waning, all the young are leaving or getting DF'd, only the real brain are hanging on and even these are finding it hard to rub 2 nickles together they are so poor from following corporation rules.

    I'm thinking the Watchtower corporation's many sister organization around the world will be facing legal battles putting the WT deeper into the negative cash flow, the economic forecast for a delusional end of the world mind control cults don't look good in this information age.

  • LV101

    eyeuse2badub and Brokeback - I do appreciate your comments re/the cult. eyeuse - hope you have the time to make your presence known re/the actives to keep us posted. You're a good man to be there for your wife.

    Couple billion/Brokeback - hope the attorneys get their claws on it for all the vics! I also certainly hope they don't have an insurance protection plan to pay off the abuse cases. Someone mentioned this couple yrs. ago and nothing surprises me re/religion and their options/freedom.

    I find it amazing JW lifers are questioning the evil WT and trust their "friends" to open their mouth. Good sign the dynamics are changing. What's the Orwell saying - something like, 'until they wake up they will not rebel or until they rebel they will not wake up' - that's not verbatim.

    Keep care - and good info.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I think they'll be fine for quite a while simply because the JW's of today fall into three categories that will keep them in place for a good while:

    • Too many years invested to leave
    • Don't care about the doctrines, it's the social connection that keeps them involved.
    • So simple mined, trusting and or na├»ve, that they are oblivious to the information out there and to the reality of what they're doing.
  • LV101

    Gotta love Russia! Having said that I don't like the idea the people don't have freedom to make responsible, religious, decisions nor want the delusional witnesses treated unfairly. Hopefully, the mental health professionals understand the mind control and the gov't knows/understands.

  • LV101

    Pete - the older ones I know can't accept anything other than what they've been promised forever and ever. The odds of them peeking on the internet for facts are slim and none. Doesn't matter, anyway - they've had hints dropped along the way for decades from friends that have fled the cult and they're hell bent on Watchtower's schtick of pandas and paradise/everlasting life. That's one huge promise they offer plus for now they get to feel hand chosen and better than the general populace - many are so enamored by this alone.

  • steve2

    truth_b_known wins the classic line in this thread (with a slight re-wording from woke to awake):

    As the organization doubles down on stupid, Generation Y is awake to their propaganda.

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