Is The Watchtower Corporation Facing A Meltdown Of Confidence Among Its Members?

by Brokeback Watchtower 35 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Looking at all the narcissistic bull shit the Watchtower Corporation has been spewing out for the world to see about suffering of its members to as nothing worth being very concerned about and as Jehovah Magnificent be vindicated is much more important. Have they really gone off their rocker enough for a very sizable portion of membership to see their insanity and jump ship?

    I think definitely they are losing all respect from their internet savy members as their madness becomes obvious. I think they are in melt down mode the shit has finally hit the fan for the delusional Watchtower corporation.

    I feel the legal ramification of such narcissistic behavior will spell it's doom as the corporation will increasingly give out more and more incriminating statements in its state of denial that it is a dangerous mind control cult governed by maniacs in delusion denial on a narcissistic honeymoon with visions about greatness of the Deity running the corporation and displaying a similar treatment towards its member as completely expendable.

  • kairos

    TTATT is snowballing and WT may very well be in financial free fall.

  • sparrowdown

    I hope so, and I believe more and more people are waking up everyday to WT's narcissistic, egomaniacal ways.

    But to be realistic businesses like WT would have some kind of contingency plan up their sleeve as we speak. Scientology is smaller in numbers and yet thrives. Sadly, I think WT could debulk its membership and physical bricks and mortar presence and still have enough money to survive.

  • kairos
    treatment towards its member as completely expendable.

    Translation: "What are you going to do? Leave?"

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The Governing Body is a Narcissistic enabler for Jehovah they are in full harmony with his narcissistic traits in fact his traits are praise worthy subjects of heroism, valor, manliness, and great honor as far as the mentally ill GB are concerned. War like, manly baby killing Jehovah deserves your worship or else! He'll fucking kill you!

    That's why the faithful are leaving in droves. They can only stretch their imaginations so much to believe this is a God of love and tender affections with these God don't give a shit about you because he's got more important matters to tend to regarding his universal reputation, and rulership, type WT study articles to strengthen the faithful carry out corporation directives without complaining.

  • OnTheWayOut

    It's 3 years past 100 years for the vast majority of JW's "in the last days." The strain of operating in panic mode for so long is getting to the elderly and near-retirement age ones who saved nothing and passed on lucrative careers because the end was going to arrive any minute now. Watchtower took their money, their opportunities, some never had children because of Watchtower, many found their JW mate no better (and maybe worse) than a worldly person.

    I read that Jehovah's Witnesses is a ten-to-twenty year cult for many people. People would either wake up or be too tired of it to stay beyond that. That's wrong, but maybe it wasn't ENTIRELY wrong. Maybe it takes more than time passing with the same old bullshit. Maybe if the bullshit gets too radical, the statement comes back to play. But not in just 20 years for everyone. Serious JW growth took place in the 1970's. Those adults from then are older than 60 now.

    Younger ones are not staying so much- especially those that learn things on the internet. Now, Watchtower takes members to the internet. Older ones are sick of shunning their children and ignoring their grandchildren. The Watchtower before Ray Franz didn't have them doing that. So that started in the 1980's.

    I was never thrown out. I resigned as an elder in good standing. I faded out in good standing (except for being "inactive). I say that I am one of those 20-years cult members and I was fed up with the bullshit. But I saw how it got even worse after I left. I declared that the 1995 change in "generation" was the start of my road to freedom. I further declared that, had I not woken up before, the overlapping generation teaching would have had me stand up during that Watchtower study and laugh out loud at the teaching saying "OVERLAPPING GENERATION, NOW I REALLY HAVE HEARD IT ALL!" as I was heading out toward the door, never to return.

    Who is to say if they are in meltdown? We will probably see after the fact.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Translation: "What are you going to do? Leave?"

    "No. I'm going to quit giving them any more of my money!" (Even worse answer for WT!)

  • zeb

    "completely expendable".. BW how your words ring true.

    I can only hope the US govt moves in on the new NY palace and makes it a rehab centre for the disabled.

  • LongHairGal


    Only time will tell if this is the case or if the people will go back into sleep mode.

    Maybe it is the last straw for certain thinking JWs. Others, including the heavily medicated, are not going anywhere even if Jesus came smashing through the walls riding a wrecking ball.


    I'm also out because of the 1995 Generation teaching. I'm a seventeen year "fader", retired and just so grateful I never quit my full time job..There must be a lot of angry and desperate people there!

    Wasting time in a cult is one thing; getting screwed financially is another thing. I'm glad I didn't let anybody influence me to do that to myself. Who cares if they didn't like me?? Boy am I thankful.

  • _Morpheus

    Brokeback, this thread has been done a million times by a million different posters and the wt rolls on.

    Stop it. You offered absolutely no reason to believe that membership is losing confidence. Not a single anecdotal account for god sake. This thread is less than a pipe dream. There is not one shread of evidence to suggest some mass exodus now or ever. Just stop. The wt will never die outright. The best that will happen is individuals wake up and they can help others. It wont break the borg outright but helping individuals is the real point. Put the wine down and sober up.

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