Is The Watchtower Corporation Facing A Meltdown Of Confidence Among Its Members?

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  • LV101

    Thanks, steve2, for quoting truth_b_known's words I missed -- awesome!

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I'm still in...I've noticed a weird vibe in the hall...I think folks are thinking but not re-acting, just going through the motions...the org., is throwing so much at the friends to swallow...they are not inspired, not infallible, did not say anything about 1975, The ARC (folks know, why I know they know, because it's not talked about, that's when they know, when not a peep is spoken). When attending assemblies, not too many baptism candidates....there was a time when they frowned upon young ones getting baptized, now look....

    The talk that you hear among the friends are about the JW website....that's where they are zealous, like they are in the know....

    It's not about confidence it's about the social aspect of the org., many of the friends are afraid of their own shadow...they are in-bred....

    Most are witnesses because it's a badge of honor...


  • Toshibabadu

    I've heard at several conventions, assemblies and meetings that we are only guaranteed survival and protection as a group. So basically anything can happen to you and you can't expect Jehovah to step in and save you. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. Most likely not. However as group JW's will be saved. Even if your faithful to the end, MAYBE you will be saved. If you die...maybe you'll get a resurrection. Huh? What kind of salvation is that?

  • pepperheart
  • pepperheart

    Meltdown yes

    if you want facys go on to jw survet and look in the downsizing section and see whats been happening since 2012 for the watchtower

  • Chook

    It all boils down to are you allowed to question church leaders without repercussions.

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