How Long Will YOU Identify As A Jehovah’s Witness?

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  • slimboyfat

    There should be room for recognition that people are at different stages and that everyone’s view is evolving rather than static. The absolute position that the only moral thing to do as an elder is resign immediately upon discovering the “truth” runs into a few problems. Such as how immediate is immediately? The same day, or within a month, or a year? Time to make it a good exit, or exit as soon as possible regardless of the consequences?

    And is there any specific point of time when one learns the “truth” anyway? My view of JWs has been a constant evolution for more than two decades. Maybe some people can identify the exact day when their views changed radically, while for others it was a long gradual process with multiple points of acceptance and rejection of previous beliefs along the way.

    I struggle to have too much respect for non atheists.But I try.

    Wow. I struggle to have respect for people who have no respect for the views of others. Because I find the world such an amazingly complex and inscrutable dwelling place that I find little room for insisting upon or absolutely excluding other possible interpretations of our situation. In fact I find it difficult not to view absolute certainty in such matters as a sign of stupidity or personality problem, but as I say I struggle to keep an open mind, even on this.

  • minimus

    I never even suggested “immediately “. Whoever said that may be showing signs of stupidity or personality problems, slimboyfat.

  • cofty

    I understand why some may stay in for family reasons, that is their own decision. I cannot understand elders who continue to serve but don't believe the organisation is the 'truth'. There are a multitude of ways you could step down with honour.

    Personally I was unable to pretend to believe anything. As soon as I worked out it was a lie I had to say so take the consequences.

  • minimus

    Cofty, I totally agree regarding elders who know for certain that what they are teaching is wrong in a multitude of ways. Yet they will come here or other places and say how bad the religion is and still support it.

  • blondie

    My husband stepped down but they were watching him like a hawk. He got tired of it and stopped going at all in just a few months.

    You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!

    The motto many elders use; only the elders can decide if you are no longer an elder or decide your status as a jw.

    My husband did not have any family members that were jws, he did not grow up as a witness, and he did not have any so-called friends that he would miss if he stopped going. Not everyone has that situation. But eventually, the crap will get so high that you will have to get out of it or start eating it.

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    Someone seems to be going through this Thread and ticking " Dislike" to every comment, if you are that person, will you simply "Dislike" this one ?

    Why not engage in debate ? That is what a Forum is for.

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    Phizzy, it’s probably Tony Morris lol.

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    I don’t care who clicks like or dislike.

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    Its getting harder as each court case appears...

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    @ Biahi

    Or George Jackass

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