How Long Will YOU Identify As A Jehovah’s Witness?

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  • minimus

    Some Witnesses realize that they got into a religion and it turned out to be disastrous. Many decide they have to somehow get out. Some do it right away and others take longer.

    Where are you in your journey? Are you making any definite decisions to leave the religion? Maybe you have family and good friends and it makes departing more difficult.

    Still , do you plan on continuously leading a double life or will you courageously leave a religion that you know teaches lies??

  • waton

    Minimus, some teachings are lies. when wt denies, others are errors they inherited from the erroneous scriptures wBts inc. is supposed to be based on, some, the unfortunate 8 inherited from the past leaders.

    One does not have to share these ideas, but teach them , if necessary, as critiques, as an exposure to history. the history of error.

    voting with wallet and silence, a smile, is gold.

    read my lips; I mean my name backward.

  • minimus

    So we should not promulgate a lie. When we do , we help no one.

  • Exelder

    I don't think it is helpful to be talking about people living "double lives" or "courageously leaving a religion that you know teaches lies".

    It took me years to leave and I paid a high price for it.

    I already knew I was hypocrite being an elder teaching from the platform things I knew I didn't believe in anymore.

    I already carried enough guilt with this kind of extra pressure or labelling being heaped on me.

    Any Witness going through this dilemma is facing a tough time as it is.

    They need to it in their own time and for their own reasons.

  • nicolaou
    I already knew I was hypocrite being an elder teaching from the platform things I knew I didn't believe in anymore.

    How long were you doing this Exelder? What would've happened if you'd simply stood down?

  • undercover

    Hey, wassup, little red dot? (now an M&M, I see)

    I haven't identified as a JW for over 15 years now. I still have connections via family, I may attend the Memorial (or may not, depends...) but I am no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Never DAd, never was DFd, just slowly, quietly faded away.

    But I understand those who can't just walk away. They may come from generations of JWs, their spouses, their parents, their siblings, their children are all still 'in'. It's tough to take a stand in certain situations.

    I don't think we can judge anyone who chooses to stay inside as a PIMO. And some are acting as double agents, staying in, gathering intel, spreading it to the vast apostate army. We each have to do what's right for us individually.

    Having said that, I can see where some may be more enslaved to the fear of the situation than to the situation itself. But, again, not my place to judge.

  • Earnest

    They also serve who only stand and waite. - Milton

  • blondie

    If someone asks me directly, I usually ask them, "Why do you ask?" If no answer from them, then I ask, "Did someone tell you I was or wasn't?" If no answer, then I decide they don't need to know. I hate people who mine for juicy gossip. I don't tell non-jws (never been) without them asking me directly because I certainly don't ask them their religious views past or present, or their family's. At work, it is against work rules to ask such questions or display religious items in plain view. A bible in your desk drawer is about all that is allowed. People who disregard this are given a warning, which can be followed by disciple for a 2nd. We have been inactive, not attending any jw event or associating with jws or jw family at family events or social occasions for almost 18 years. Most jws in this area were not alive or adults at that time, moved, or died, and we aren't on their list of people to bother with.

    When we were on the mandated list of inactive jws to visit, we never answered any questions of the elders or other jws and never let them inside (since they never called and made an appointment). No potty breaks at our house.

  • slimboyfat

    I’d like to be a Reform Jehovah’s Witness, like how you get Reform Jews. The problem is few if any, either inside or outside the JWs, appear to be interested. But this might change!

  • zeb

    I attended the ER section of hospital. the nurse got my file out and went through the basics."and you are a jehovahs witness?" My reply was succinct and definite.."Was".Her pen went cross out, cross out...

    and I added, "after the way they lied at the ARC, no more.".. resulting in knowing looks from her and the attending doctor.

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