What did you do to keep yourself amused at the KH?

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  • ikhandi

    Am I the only one here who actually listened to the information and took notes? Yeah it did get boring at times but I was trained to sit and listen and not let my mind wander.

  • Francois

    I cleaned my finger nails with a pen knife. That one drove one of the "glorious ones" absolutely nutty. Also I would get my daughter, who was about 4 at the time, in my lap and play with her. We had a game where I would make silly faces at her and she would try not to laugh. The "glorious one" hated that one too.

    Sometimes I would whip out the Aid book and read some of the more exotic entries. There's one on embalming that was pretty good. It used to amaze me how the JWs could put their spin on just about any topic, but they did it alright

    Every once in a while, the glorious one mentioned above would get me in the little room after the meeting and start in on me about my lack of attention. "Well, C.B.," I told him, "If the WT study wasn't so mind numbing boring, I wouldn't have to do something to keep my mind occupied. If I didn't do something, I would run out of the KH screaming at the top of my lungs. How would you like that? And by the way, I've enjoyed our little chat, but I gotta be running on along now. See ya later." We had a mutual hate thing going. He was going to prove he had authority over me or bust, and I was just as determined to demonstrate that I didn't give a big shit about him being a big ol' elder 'n' all. I won, by the way.


    P.S. Bendrr, yep, I checked again. C.B. is still dead.

  • JudasCain

    As a young kid I was bored and tried not to fall asleep. My father once humiliated me by having me stand at my seat that was dead center of at least 200 for a full minute (seemed like forever), during the Sunday morning public talk, just because I nodded off. As a teenager I ummmm well ... lets just say I did it in the men's restroom. Which reminds me of a favorite saying of mine: You pray, I masturbate. We're both making somebody feel good.


  • manon

    As a young child I spent most of the time sleeping in the kingdom hall. Once the first song was over I knew it was time for my nap zzzzzzzzzzzz then I'd sleep some more passed the second hour/ song zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 15 minutes before It was time to leave I'd wake up take a bathroom break, stretch out my feet, fuss with my bag, sing little, pray, get my coat, socialize, out the do or. To this day I can't hear kingdom hall melodies they put me in a sleepy trance.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Write stories in my head. Now I need to find a way to get them down on paper.

  • wednesday

    daydreamed big time-usually about sex

    read other publications that had more interesting stuff-like the back of the awake-watching the world (whatever)

    analizye the couples at the hall. see who's happy-who is not.

    check out what everyone was wearing-who was naughty who was nice.

    listen for mispronounced words

    check out the cliques.-who set where and by whom.

    count how many times certian sisters got up to go to bathroom.

    see who was in lobby talking and not listening.

    go to lost and found and search for stuff.

    plan meals

    pay bills.

    i often had panic attacks so i could go to the ladies and stay. nice.

    if i could find a friend as bored as me-write notes

    and my personal fav-silently yelling at the brothers giving the talks-like "oh yeah lets see u prove that moron."


  • LyinEyes

    I did alot of what wednesday said.

    I wrote in my calander, also paid bills, doodled on paper instead of taking notes.

    I drew earrings and beehive hairdo's on the twelve apostles, gave Jesus a longer mullet, gave the women in the magazines tatoos and darker eyeliner.

    I went outside , with one of the three bad ass kids,,,,,,,walked around the back and looked for rabbits, or a cat .

    Sat in the van and slept, or listen to the radio.

    Sleep in the ladies room on a bench , cause i had a migraine from the flickering floresant lights they would never change, and that darn buzzing got made me crazy.

    I picked and laughed at things with my oldest son, we would sit there and crack up like we were both 10 at everything said...........Heaven help us when they read the scripture about ...Abraham getting off of his Ass........ etc.

    Laugh at the sister who was literally crazy and would cuss out loud during the whole meeting.

    Laugh at the sisters who couldnt get thru a talk without saying,,,,," Uhhhhhhhuhhh , Amen, that's right!!

    Examine everyone eles crappy meeting clothes and compare them to our crappy meeting clothes.

    Taking note of who had on high waters, who' socks didnt match, who had a wicker flower pot cover as a hat on, who was still dressing like the 60's Elvis and Priscilla, who had a comb over, who threw their suit on without ironing it.

    Eating candy.

    Passing note on where to go eat after the meetings.

    My mother in law and me rolling our eyes, at all the family book and how sisters shoudl be submissive shit.

    Ah this brings back some good memories , really it does.

    I guess it goes to show you can make the best out of any miserable situation.

  • Hamas

    I used to silently laugh under my breath whenever anybody I didnt like used to come in and sit near me. Very offputting.

    I also used to laugh quite obviously at anything remotely rude ; and yes, there was the odd comment made

  • Beanie

    I used to stare at the insects buzzing madly around the lights and then laugh my ass off when a large one decided to come in low and buzz around heads; it was funny to watch the cringing and mayhem.

    One year at an assembly I was watching a couple of pigeons sitting up in the rafters of the outdoor stadium. I was literally willing one of them to crap when sure enough; plop! a big poop landed right on a brothers head.


  • TresHappy

    Definitely daydreaming....it's a wonderful way to escape for a while. And if you're at the Kingdom Hall, there are few escape routes to take.

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