What did you do to keep yourself amused at the KH?

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  • Anne

    I would go into a trace-like state of daydreaming, yet still be able to sit strait up in my chair with my legs neatly crossed at the ankles and look up all the scriptures. I was such prissy thing.

  • DanielHaase

    Look down some of the sisters' blouses while doing handling the microphones. And while sitting I'd draw bubbles over the character's head in the magazines and put different mad libs in them.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Oh, this is bad and how I ever got away with it I'll never know, but, here we go, by the time I hit my late teens, I couldn't stand it anymore, I used to pass most of the time wondering (deeply and seriously) ..... how am I gonna get out of here ??????, but finally I did get out before I turned 20, however I started driving on my own when I was 17, and had my own car, a piece of junk but it worked, and got me around town, so every Sunday in our congregation we would have our usual Talk/Watchtower Study, with two congregations using the same hall, one would have morning meetings and the other afternoon meetings (the worst during football season). So every Sunday when we had Sunday afternoon meetings, I would wake up early and at about 9:27 walk out the door telling my family I was going to the early meeting, luckily none ever asked to come with me, so I just went to the mall, or sat in the car and listened to the radio, and when we had Sunday morning meetings I would say I was tired and was going to go this afternoon, amazingly no one ever caught on. But the best was the assemblies, FOUR DAYS OF LECTURES as we all know, well, as unbelievable as this sounds it is the dead truth and I did it alot, having my own car was great, so I would leave for the assembly at a time when I would arrive as lunch was starting, so as I walked in, if anyone saw me and questioned me, I said I forgot something in my car and went to get it.(always made sure NOT to be caring any books, or it looks like you just got there), I would wonder around the assembly for lunch always making sure I bumped into my mom and dad, my brother (the ELDER) and my sister (the SPECIAL PIONEER), talk to a few other friends and leave before lunch was over, no one would question someone leaving during lunch. And then I would go home and enjoy the rest of the day, I must of done this twenty times and NEVER got caught. You have to admit it was ORIGINAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • archangel01

    1.Doodle on paper

    2. Go to the bathroom

    3. walk outside and get some fresh air

    4. Just leave an go home!

  • 144001

    1. Paste pornograhic images in Watchtower publications to create the appearance of interest in spiritual matters while satisfying the prurient interest.

    2. Attempt to visualize certain sisters without their clothes on.

    3. Utilize artistic talents to provide anatomically correct features to Watchtower illustrations.

    4. Get intoxicated in parking lot - - well, use your imagination as to the source of the intoxication - - no admissions here.

    5. "Tagging" the men's stall with crude graffiti.

    The list is by no means exhaustive.

  • fairy

    I would draw little stick men in the corners of the books or mags or song book and then flicked the corners so that it would look like the stick men were running or whatever

  • Reborn2002

    Wow, it is amusing to see that people from all over the world did the exact same things I did to pass time at the meetings.

    One thing is for certain, Jehovah's Witnesses praise themselves for having a global brotherhood and unity... well I say ALL the meetings worldwide were equally boring!

    I used to (in no particular order):

    • Draw pictures
    • Make oragami with magazines
    • Count the number of tiles on the ceiling and do math equations with them
    • Count the number of repetitions a fan would make in a minute then multiply by the length of the meeting
    • Stare blankly at the walls
    • Watch other people
    • Do something silly but subtly on purpose to make a child laugh
    • Walk around aimlessly in the back of the Kingdom Hall
    • Do "parking lot duty" and go outside to listen to the radio
    • Leave during the middle of the meeting and go to the mall or restaurant, to return in time for closing song.
    • Walk around outside for an hour to get exercise
    • Imagine some of the "sisters" were naked and proceed with sexual daydreams to pass time
    • Look at the old people and guess which one would die next (may seem mean, but true)
    • Draw mustaches, beards, horns, and body parts on people in the magazines

    That is all I can think of for now, but I assure you there are many, many more. When you are desperate, you will find ANYTHING to pass the time. Such a shame in retrospect, that we were lowered to having to find such inane things to get by... what a waste of precious time.

  • Austrian

    When I was young I would sleep. When I was in my teens I would daydream about having sex with different sisters. And just prior to leaving I would always get coffee and stand in the back and talk to my friends. Thursday night is college night at the bars in Miami so during the TMS meeting, my friends and I would discuss which bar we were going to hit afterward....

  • doodle-v

    I would take my baby daughter in the back of the KH so i could play with her- kids are a great excuse

  • Pleasuredome

    to stop myself from slipping into a coma, i used to go outside for most of the second half of the meetings and chat with the car park attendents. sometimes i would go and sit in my car and listen to some music aswell.

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