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  • mouthy

    What interesting lives some have had.Me? Was hit by lightning twice! Once driving in a car-it struck the steel on my wrist casts,the other time it came through my front window of my house went out the back door that was open- split my TV ( steel thing at the back) in half.That was after I was DF...( Began to think Jehovah had it in for me)Have been on The Sally Jessie Rapheal show- the Shirley show-Roughcuts, ( all T.V shows) Was bombed by a buzz bomb( Piolotless plane) in the 2nd world war.Am written up in "Please Take Care Of My Children" a book about War-brides( of which I am one)also in the book "Setting The Captives Free"

  • mouthy

    Was cur off before I told you the aauthor of that book was Austin Miles about being in a cult

  • Francois

    I was a disc jockey in my college days and I met an awful lot of recording industry folk. Some of them were just awful. Some were really nice.

    I would have to say that the worst of the worst personally was Mick Jagger, who was the biggest a$$ hole I ever met in the recording industry. In fact, after my interview with him, I went back to do my air shift and during a station ID I told my audience what a $hit he was and that I would never play another Stones record on my show. As I was saying that, I broke a 45 rpm record, a copy of "Satisfaction," on mike. Too bad. Their drummer was a really nice guy.

    Probably the nicest guy I met the entire time I was in radio was Bobby Vee. I went to his dressing room in the Jacksonville Arena where he was sitting in his underwear sipping Jack Daniels. It was only a split-second before I had my own Jack Daniels too. Herman's Hermits was singing at that same show. I never understood what anyone saw in that guy. He was nothing but an adenoidal, pimply-faced Brit with lank brown hair going on and on about Mrs. Brown's daughter, ugh.

    Another jerk was Bobby Vinton. We flew up to Dayton, Ohio from Savannah, GA to pick him up in the 7-Up Cola Company's private plane. The top three Savannah top 40 disc jockeys were on that plane, and we were all set up to interview him on the flight back. He managed to mumble out a hello to each of us and proffered a limp handshake. Then he pulled his baseball cap down over his eyes and pretended to be asleep all the way back to Savannah.

    Savannah was the home of one of the recording industry's most famous lyricists, Johnny Mercer. Today's music fan probably doesn't know him at all. But he wrote some of the most beautiful lyrics ever written. He wrote "The Days of Wine & Roses" and "Moon River" on which both he and my family lived at the time (it's not wider than a mile, either). He wrote "The Atcheson, Topeka & the Santa Fe" about those three railroads. I think he was just showing off his prowess, being able to make a pretty song out of such an awkward name as that. He also wrote one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs ever writtin in my opinion, and that was the title music to the motion picture Laura "You see Laura on a train that is passing through, those eyes how familiar they seem. She gave your very first kiss to you. That was Laura, but she's only a dream." and on and on like that. What a piece of song writing that was.

    Through Johnny Mercer, I met Jackie Gleason, who I think was three quarters shit-faced all the time. And always "on" being funny with everyone. He really was the greatest.

    You remember "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" about the murder trial of Jim Williams, Savannah's top antique dealer and leading homosexual? I had the dubious honor of being stalked through Kroger by Mr. Williams one day between trials. Now THAT was creepy.

    You know, it's been so long ago, I hardly remember all those people any more. Some of them are still famous, some have sunk into total oblivion. That's life I guess.


  • greven

    Some tidbits:

    As a teenager I was easely bored and fixed that by doning al kind of nasty stuff at school like:

    Closing of a hall with the kind of tape the police uses saying "Do not cross, crime scene".

    Dressing up our school mascotte: a statue of a female riding a horse.

    Flooding an entire level by augmenting the plumbing system of one of the toilets, using nothing but a piece of string and a brick, causing it to flush continuously. there was a nice waterfall coming down the stairs, student had to go up like salmons to reach the classes. Got caught for this trick though.

    And it seems I had my share in persecuting cheeses.

    I did not offend you there did I, Cheeses?

    I would like to count cheeses amongst my friends, comes in handy in cases of possesion, disease etc. I never knew there was a word for smegma...heheheh


  • Wolfgirl

    Posed nude, although not for a magazine or anything. Just for my now-husband, then-boyfriend.

    Was stalked twice. One stalker was my ex-husband, during and after our divorce. Once by some weird guy at work.

    A mentally disturbed JW repeatedly threatened to rape and kill me. Elders did nothing but tell me to consider the source. I did so, and then filed police reports on him, for which I was looked down upon. Hey, when someone threatens to rape and kill me, and then gets a job across the street from where I work, I'm thinking he has plenty of opportunity.

    Up and moved from the US to Hong Kong to live with my now-husband when he got transferred there. Moved from Hong Kong to France.

    Oh, and I love going topless now. I was so frightened to show my body when I was a JW, until I started to feel a little bit sexy...when I was on my way out. Now, I go topless all the time, coz the beaches here are all topless at the least. Europeans are so much more comfortable with themselves.

    Can't think of anything else really interesting at the moment.

  • Sentinel

    Family members attended a dinner, where Robert Wagner and wife were sitting right next to them. I've always liked RJ, and have never been as fortunate myself.

    I know an attorney personally, who IS actually pretty good friends with Tom Cruise. (and Nichole, when they were together) Whenever they travel, they always seem to hook up with each other.

    My former supervisor (who is now deceased) boarded a plane, where Morgan Fairchild was seated "near enough to reach out and touch", as I remember him saying. He actually said he had a wonderful conversation with her at some point. Said that she was even more beautiful in person, with a terrific personality. (He glowed for days in the office, and couldn't stop talking about it.)

    Cher visited our workplace here, while making a movie where she played an attorney. She wanted to get a feel for "judicial atmosphere", and picked our place because it was low key at the time. None of us saw her, as she was brought in and allowed to sit in the back of a courtroom with a disguise on. Also JFK Jr. "tried to practice a bit of law" in our court. He came in a few times to file papers, while employees drooled and stared at him. Everyone said he was such a perfect gentleman, and very handsome. (Just wasn't meant to be a lawyer)

    When I was small and Patsy Cline was just beginning her singing career in our area, performing at carnivals and local fairs, I learned some of her songs by heart. Dad took me to meet her and she wanted me to come on stage and sing with her. Being young and quite shy, I just couldn't do it. (I think dad thought he'd jump start a career for me, but it backfired.) That was when all there was in our area was country music.

    My dad used to love nascar racing. He met and got autographs from some of the first Daytona 500 winners when they were doing some of their preparation races in the area. They even invited him to "take a run" on the track on ocassions, and that was a big thrill for him.

    And.....when I was young, there was an actor who came and swam in my grandparents pond. I can't remember his name. He was blond and good looking, and played an action figure on TV. (Flash Gordon comes to mind)

  • sf

    The most memorable 'tidbet' would be the night at a surf shop (closed to public) where there was a round bed with about 7 people on it. In the middle of that bed was a huge mirror with a large pile of cocaine. In order to get to the cocaine, you had to get naked and crawl, or wiggle your way to that mirror.

    I sucked my way to the mirror.

    I'll never forget that night. Nor do I ever want to.

    sKally, you asked! (careful what you ask for, you WILL get it...want more? I got tons of 'incomprehensible demoralizations' that could be classified as 'tidbets'...i bet an ex elder or two WILL wanna hear them along with all the graphic details...hahahahaha)

  • nightwarrior

    I sang a Motown song at the cavern club in liverpool when aged sweet 17 .

    Married twice

    Been in the newspapers Twice

    Been on the television ,

    Left the borg with no Regrets .

    Saveed prince charlses life many years ago.

  • nightwarrior

    I sang a Motown song at the cavern club in liverpool when aged sweet 17 .

    Married twice

    Been in the newspapers Twice

    Been on the television ,

    Left the borg with no Regrets .

    Saveed prince charlses life many years ago.

  • mattnoel

    Blimey I thought I had done a lot....................

    The usual been a dub. Walked past a van loaded with explosives, left work early and as I got on the coach to go home the bomb went off and blew my office up and pretty much all the buildings surrounding, also gave a violent shake to the coach I was on shows my office in the rear left and a news clip of the story on video.

    Been a goat herder in Spain - long story

    Lived in various countries, been in a minor earthquake

    Survived a serious road accident

    got some famous relatives If I think of anything else I will add it on.

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