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  • Xena
    I was abducted by aliens once.

    Really???? Did they do the (whispering here) anal probe???? (not whispering anymore) I hear it is standard practice in all alien abductions.

    To link in with my other thread I saw my brother after he was circumcised ...ouch !!! It must have been 'God's will', punishing him for his vile behavior in the KH.

    Apparently I missed a VERY interesting thread! lol I need to do some research here....

  • nowisee

    i appeared on a game show (70's short-lived called winning streak with bill cullen). in rehearsal i won $l000 and a new car. on the actual show i won $25 worth of spark plugs!!

    in the same vein of you giving dick clark a tract, i at one time had a huge crush on luciano pavarotti and saw him in several performances, always going backstage to the "green room" afterwards. once i gave him a bottle of wine (cost me all of about $7.99).

    oh, i have lots of stories, but not sure i want to tell them all!

  • be wise
    be wise
    Apparently I missed a VERY interesting thread! lol I need to do some research here....

    Xena, it's the one about what you did to keep yourself interested at the KH. It's not that interesting though, I don't think.

  • hippikon
    Really???? Did they do the (whispering here) anal probe???? (not whispering anymore) I hear it is standard practice in all alien abductions.

    I don't want to talk about it

  • rocketman

    nowise, I remember ol Bill Cullen....though not that show.....glad to see you won (a little something at least).

    rocketman - of the trying to think of something wild I may have done in my life class

  • Swan
    I have though survived being electrocuted when I was eight years old and I almost drowned while trying to save someone else who was drowing. He was so scared that he was grabbing my head and trying to use it to pull hiself up. Scared the crap out of me.

    Wow! That happened to me too. Fortunately some adults jumped in and saved us both. Didn't have to go to the hospital, but spent several long minutes hacking and coughing. My lungs were burning like they were on fire!

    Few celebrities to speak of in my life. The usual celebrity sightings, Robert Mitchum probably being the most famous. I also worked with a US Olympic Silver medalist on a project. In one of my former jobs, I worked around more politicians than I cared to.

    I was at Yellowstone during the great fire of 1988.

    My husband almost fell off a cliff at Canyon de Chelley on vacation last spring. Whew!

    Won a lot of money once. It's all gone now. Had fun spending it.

    One day my husband and I were out on a little one lane road in a national forest. Suddenly we were involved in a police chase coming the opposite way. The suspect veered off onto a side logging road just before reaching us. Whew!

    Was at Disneyland during an Earthquake in 1989. I was on Pirates of the Caribbean, so the boat didn't shake, but you should have seen the waves!

    Was at a volcano in Hawaii when it was erupting and watch them fighting the fire.

    Was in Alaska during the great earthquake of 1964.

    Was in Oregon during the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980. I wasn't in the blast zone, but there was subsequent ash fall all over Washington and Oregon.

    In 1996 there was a flood here. Fortunately my house is on a hill. Others weren't so lucky.

    Went camping one year out in the woods of Central Oregon and stumbled into a gathering of Rainbow People.

    Went to take a picture in Hawaii and stumbled upon a nude beach.

    It's been an interesting life.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Oh my hmmmm

    odd jobs - car jockey, offset printing press operator, press operator to cover buttons with material,

    and well sign language interpreter and teacher,

    been electrocuted several times - just enough to burn me but not enough to knock me across the room

    drove myself and 2 crazy cats half-way across the country in a 16 ft U-Haul with all my possessions

    took an Alaskan cruise for my honeymoon a couple of years ago

    survived the borg and my family/childhood

    wrote a book and working on 2 others

    edited to add - been on TV 12 times but only have 11 mugs to prove it

    survived the ice storm in Montreal

  • wednesday

    have been in therapy longer than woody allen

    once opened a can of coke in an assemgly hall during the talk. it made a loud noise (plus spewed all over the place)and all in the rows in front and behind had a god laugh. also, the speaker stopped and looked at me.

    once during a public talk the brother told me to stop talking during the talk-it was a small cong and we were all sort of family.(i was a teenager by the way)

    Knew a brother(?) who was murdered by his drug dealers

    blue cross and cigna fear me-i have taken them to the state insurance boards 2x and won.

    gave a talk stoned once-no one noticed.

    had an elder who i called for help encourge me to talk dirty(probably not too unusual)

    took representation in to a JC meeting once-really po'd the elders but they let it stand.

    know a real live multiple personality peson-i can vouch it s a real disorder.

    saw an excercosim(sp) once -really scary.

    basicaly told someone to piss off in the hall(he provoked it) and he got so mad they had to excort him outside.

    To there face-or in their face- told elders i would never tell them anything ever again and did not respect them.

    if i think of more will let u know-i have had a fairly unusual life.have never been afaid to speak my mind-however i will not say anything now b/c i will give them no power n my life.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    When I worked at American Airlines, I talked with Gary Shandling (good guy), Dabney Coleman (really good guy), Pam Dawber (who apologized several times for her husband Mark Harmon cussing me out), several athletes (all jerks), David and Sean Cassidy (mega jerks) and Hillary Clinton. She called to change her mailing address right after the 1992 election and she was flying on the clouds. I asked her if it had hit her yet (this was perhaps about a week, maybe 10 days after) and she said not really. We talked for several minutes and she was really very nice to talk to.

    One time a record exec wanted an upgrade on a flight to Hawaii and I did it for free (we had the seats and I was feeling generous). He was so happy he told me he wouuld send me any album I wanted. Naturally I froze (I couldn't even remember who was in the Beatles), so he sent me a couple dozen cassette tapes of various groups.

    We made friends with one of the security guards at Hampton Court who gave us a private tour in some of the restricted areas and then told us several secrets about the palace. Interesting guy and he was just delighted we were interested.

    Once when we were at Loch Ness we met a diving team that was filming a National Geographic (or was it BBC?) episode on dredging a Nazi bomber that had been found in the loch. They were very interested in the Loch Ness Monster, since they were beginning diving that afternoon. Very interesting and fun guys who gave us some background on the story of the bomber and their thoughts on the monster.

  • wednesday

    big tex,

    i am impressed. I have only met Meat Loaf(pics and all) and billy crystal.

    Now u have an interesting life.!!

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