The Dixie Chicks

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  • Prisca

    Thank goodness the uproar over the Chick's comment isn't happening here in Australia. Here we like to enjoy our music, regardless of the musicians' political beliefs.

    All this talk about boycotting reminds me of how the Witnesses think - they boycott certain musicians because the musicians are gay/immoral/drug users/promote anarchy etc.

    Yes, country music sucks (apart from Shania who can be enjoyed with the sound turned down)

    Gotta LOL at this!

  • peacefulpete

    It is also worth mentioning that their sales are the highest ever. Many went out and bought cds just to express solidarity. Other bought cds to burn them. Ironic.

  • Xena

    lol Ironic? enterprise....Yes

    Some people show their opinion by not buying...some people show it by buying...and some people don't give a damn and just keep doing what they are doing..

    Circle of life baby...

  • shera

    Well,I agree with freedom of speech and if people stop buying their music because they don't agree.So be it. Death threats and vandalizing their homes...nawww.Thats not right.

    I'm not much of a polictal person,I dislike my goverenment very always results back to the lack of help for my son and if people don't like the that I will and speak out against my prime minister and my goverenment here inNova Scotia.Too bad.They don't care for my son and people like my son.Why should they have my respect......yeh shera's angry! Lol and I don't think this has any thing to do with the topic.(just a little venting going on)

    Take care all

  • JT
    Her comment was pointed and legitamate. Her timing was dead on, she exposed the extremist element in America thru their slanderous reaction to her. She was targeted by the far right media and wesites. Her music was not boycotted by people it was boycotted by the right wing media moguls. Very real pressure and threats were issued to all affiliated radio stations to not play their music. She was called a "pinko" and "terrorist loving communist" by the political force that has sponsored and organized this well funded smear campaign. This response was not a simple matter of some people disagreeing with her remarks it was an attempt to make an example out of her to squash public dissent about Bush's policies and war. We have entered dark days in America. Her "recanting" in fact was nothing of the sort. She spoke of her being a mother and concerned about children first and how this motivated her comment. She did say that while very commonly done, it would have been better to have limited her public opinions to specific issues and concerns about the present presidency rather than resorting to personally disparaging remarks about the man in the office. If anyone can manage to meet this ideal I have not met them. Yet even in this intellegent and respectful self correction she proved to be a true American worthy of immitation. Blind allegiance to a misdirected government is not patriotism. It is dangerous mob think.

    while i agree with your post, the fact remains- she over played her cards and got burned, as you have so well explained how the polictical world works wehn one is not aware of it they GET BURNED- The mere fact that she recanted shows that she was just looking for something to shot her mouith off about, how many times have we seen folks in the lime light open mouth insert foot like she did ask Trent Lott- smile

  • TresHappy

    They'll be on ABC this Thursday night with Diane Sawyer. I hear Natalie Maines even cries.

  • Yerusalyim

    My two cents worth.

    Sure the Dixie Chicks have the right to say whatever the heck they want. Others have the right to organize boycotts against them if they wish. If someone can organize an anti-Bush Rally, why not organize an Anti Chicks rally? Doesn't freedom run both ways.

    Here's the issue. Had this been some average everyday citizen we wouldn't have heard about it at all. However, any public figure overseas, whether they want to or not, act as unofficial abassadors for the US. Fine, she said what she said, it pissed off a few of us, so we won't buy their product no more.

    Freedom of Speech doesn't mean that you'll not come to financial harm BECAUSE of what you say. With freedom comes responsibility. That's the part people forget, no one wants to be responsible. There are consequences to pissing off the consumer base, financial harm is one of the.

  • Valis

    Yeru...I agree w/you to some extent, but I really think this is a good example where we see the difference between the ugly face of nationalism vs patriotism..To me the ultra nationalists will take things to the extreme like smashing the group's albums in public and just really acting like ignorant assholes, making threats, etc... The real patriots will allow her to speak her mind, and if they don't like her opinion they can agree to disagree and get on with it. They don't even have to listen to her music..fine no problem.. In my opinion, when you actively intend to damage someone's livelihood, reputation, or person, just because of their view, you are engaging in ultra nationalism that really has no place in our country and is very far from being patriotic. It verges on some kind of jackboot mentality that is very dangerous...much like the McCarthyism(SP? )of the 50's...


    District Overbeer of the "Pinko Commie" class

  • wednesday

    The government is not making a list and actively banning the chicks. They and everyone else has freedom to say whatever they want. I have the freedom to not like what they say.unlike some to the peace ralley's , most who r boycotting the chicks r doing it quietly, just not buying their CD's. I have also added barbara S. to my list, b/c i am tired of her. Alex baldwin has also earned a spot. Honestly, i don't think any of these people are the great thinkers of our time, what have we lost here? I heard what these people had to say, and decided that if they are determined to make an issue of it-i will stop supporting them. I have read what the peace at any price say, i just don't agree. weds

  • ashitaka
    The government is not making a list and actively banning the chicks.

    For some reason I heard Santa Claus is Coming to Town in my head

    "Making a list, and banning them twice!"


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